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HOW TO: Install FMIC / Remove Front bumper (56k far dead)

This is a guide that will show you in detail (pics and directions) how to remove and install a FMIC. Altough there will be less detail on the install of the FMIC due to each one being very different as to how it is mounted. I will/am glad to explain how I intend on mounting my particular FMIC for future installs that have the same type of mounting bracket.

ATTENTION: This is a guide that will show you what I have found. I am not a professional, just your average DIY'er. If you have questions please feel from to PM me and I will answer. If you follow this and mess something up do not come back to me. I am not responsible for your negligence. If you have not taken pieces of a car apart before I strongly suggest you attempt this with someone that has.

Parts Needed:

Car---------> duh!
Intercooler w/ mounting hardware
i.e. bolts, washers, spacers, lock nuts
Phillips AND Flat head screwdriver (you can get away without flat head)
10mm socket wrench
10mm open ended wrench (JIC and to get tight spots)
Drill bit
cordless drill
Stereo w/ Linkin Park~ Minutes To Midnight hahahaha

Please note...... descriptions of the pics and what to do will follow each picture

[IMG]Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket[/IMG]
Here is obviously how you will start. You don't need to jack up the car but it does help to anyway and remove the tires. They will get in your way.

[IMG]Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket[/IMG]
Top portion of the engine bay... By now you should have removed the headlights and the bumper lights. I did not include a pic or description of this . I forgot to take the picture. However, if you can not look at your headlight and figure out how to remove it...... You REALLY should NOT be doing this!!!! In the picture you will notice 5 blacks arrows pointing to 10mm bolts, remove these and set aside (please use a bucket or something to contain all bolts)

[IMG]Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket[/IMG]
Make your way to both fender wells. There are 3 phillips screws. Take these out then reach in through the headlight area and push that circular clamp out. These pieces are plastic and can be easily stripped . Be careful!!! Also, pay attention to this pic. There is a description for removing one of the bolts. This one is a bitch and a half but take your time. Again, it's a 10mm bolt.

[IMG]Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket[/IMG]
Once you get the sidewall fender screws removed make your way up to where the headlight sits. There are 2 10mm bolts here. Take those out as well.

Once this is finished there are only 4 more screws (just like the ones on the fenderwell) that are holding the bumper to the rest of the car. These are directly under the bumper. 2 are on each side. Take these out just as you did with the federwells. Once this is finished, the bumper os ready to be removed. Becareful, there is a bumper support bracket that is now loose from those last 4 bolts. It will fall out on you. Nothing big, just look out for it. Now you are ready to remove the bumper, take it off slowly making everything is being cleared. Don't be afraid to use some muscle to get the bumper off.

[IMG]Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket[/IMG]
Here is what you will have. Congratulations!!!!!! You have just successfully removed your headlights and front bumper. Next we will take out the black piece of plastic that is covering the power steering cooler.

[IMG]Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket[/IMG]
[IMG]Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket[/IMG]
[IMG]Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket[/IMG]
[IMG]Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket[/IMG]
There are 7 push nuts to remove inorder to take out this plastic piece. Follow the pics in order and you will see each one. Use your flat head of phillips head to pop the push nut out. It will not come out all the way (only about 1/4 inch) once you pop this out, still your screw driver under the base and pop the whole push nut assembly out. When this is done the plastic piece will be sitting freely. It is a mother to get out so don't be afradi to use some muscle. It was easier for me to muscle out the right side loose then guide the left side second. You will have to bed some pieces around the bumper support.

When you remove this, you are ready for your IC fitment. If your IC is shorter than 7inches (mine is 28" * 7" * 2.5*) Or wider than 2.75" you may have to cut 2 L brackets off. I am using these L brackets to help in the mount of the intercooler. All I did was grab a wrench and bend them downward. As for the power steering cooler...... You have several options.

1) remove it completely and and run a line from the pump straight to the PSF return
2) unbolt the line from the vertical bracket and bend around behind bracket. You can either rebolt to vertical bracket or leave it sitting there.
3) you can leave it just where it sits. With my IC size I am going to leave it where it is. When I marked up where my mounting holes would go I checked for clearance. The bracket holding the cooler in place is touching the IC. However the bracket is big enough and thick enough so that I can cut it out of the way. Again, only do this if your IC is about 2.5" wide.

Centering the IC. I tried measuring to find center and line the IC up to that but, it was still coming out off center when I test fitted the bumper. The best bet is to find common center then drape the bumper of the IC. Use your eye and measure corner to corner distance of the bumper opening to intercooler (You can wedge the IC inbetween those L brackets and the lower bumper support without it moving. Once you figure out how off left or right the IC is, remove bumper, mark on bumper support where your mounting studs are then measure out and mark where your studs should be. Repeat this process until you are satisfied with the centering of the IC with the bumper draped over it.

[IMG]Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket[/IMG]
This picture is how it will turn out. This is my first bumper look. If you look closely you will see the bumper sitting just to the right. This is from measuring center. I took the bumper off, marked the stud then measured a half inch left and moved the intercooler. I re draped the bumper and checked for center in conjunction with the bumper opening. PErfect! I was satisfied. Also, the bumper is not bolted in and it is not flush. This is due to the intercooler and bumper not fitting correctly. When you cut the bumper it will the be able to fit flush. Becareful to not cut off more than what is needed. Go a little at a time then check for flushness

Remove the bumper and trace out the mounting bolt that is ontop of the IC. Be sure to slightly bored out the whole just a bit more to make sure the IC is pushed up into nice and flush. Continue the hole to the top of that lower support. Use a spacer and a long bolt in order to tighten down nicely. It is easiest to use a small open ended wrench and make sure to use a large enough washer inbetween the bolt and support (lock nut/washer would be smart too)

You are now finished and have prefitted or installed your intercooler, the only next step would be to run the intercooler pipping from and to the IC. Once you have the IC mounted the way you like and have the bumper off, it gives you very good insite as to how you would like to route your pipping.

Good Luck, boost safe.
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