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BuppY 02/02/2007 01:38 PM

Flat Tire.
Hey everyone..

I stored my car for the winter, and I noticed my back right tire is FLAT. Should I leave it like this? when I do bring my car out, Im going to be changing the rubber. I don't know what to do for now, I believe my Valve is the problem it is leaking.

Should I leave it? or should I take the tire off and get it fixed?

cszink 02/02/2007 01:41 PM

if yer not gonna be drivin it...and yer changin the tires when you do start to drive it....just put a jackstand or something under that part of the car to make sure it doesnt get so flat it rests on the rim. otherwise..yea, fix it.

Dr. 9023G 02/02/2007 01:56 PM

Not unless you want your rim to bend.

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