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Arrow The rules of The Lounge.

The Lounge is not Off Topic. If you want to act like an idiot, insult people, belittle people, or be a recipient of said behavior, do it there, that is the only forum those actions are allowed, nowhere else.

This is the forum description of The Lounge.

Originally Posted by Forum Description
The lighter side of OT...
That's pretty simple to follow, however, for some of you, that falls upon deaf ears as it were; so I will point out what is not allowed here.
  • There is no flaming in the Lounge.

    There are no personal attacks allowed in The Lounge.

    There is no juvenile behavior allowed in The Lounge.

    People and posts are treated with a semblance of respect.

    If you can't communicate with others in an adult manner, don't post.

    If you can't express yourself in an adult manner, don't post.

    If you have nothing worthy to add to a thread, don't post.

    If you can't adhere to these simple rules, being banned will ensue.
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