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Silverside's 02 gt 6g75

I bought this car in may 2007 and up until this month i have been slowly working on it. Nothing special :
-Cold air intake
-Megan race headers
-Diamante manifold and throttle body
-Greddy SP2 cat-back
-NGK 8mm plug wires
-Stock calipers painted blue
-EBC rotors and yellow stuff pads all around
-KYb AGX struts up front
-Relocated stock battery to the trunk
-Ingalls torque dampener
-Lambo door kit
-Plasmaglow multi-color led underglow kit
-Misc. engine dress up (blue hoses and harness)

Then i decided to go all out and try to cram a 3.8 6g75 from an 07 eclipse into it. So far the only person in the world to attempt this on a stock computer. I drove about 2 1/2 hours to pick this thing up from the scrapyard.

Its from a 2007 eclipse with almost 1000 miles on it. Nice lookin engine if you saw what was left of the car it came out of.

Tear down:

Out With the old

And in with the new:

The finished project:

Here are some of the parts that had to be modified for the swap:
First and most obvious the ignition issue was solved by using the distributor from the 6g72 with spacer in place of the stock 6g75 cam position sensor. The mounting location:

Mocked up, as you can see there is a need for another 1/2 inch of metal in there.

The plate that was made to fill the space.

The location of the distributor is now in the way of the waterneck. It had to be modified to fit:

Also the 75 has no sender for the coolant temp gauge so the one from the 72 needs to be added.

Next up is the crank position sensor. This is a direct swap from the 72. Swap over the sprocket and the sensor itself.
from the 75

from the 72

The stock 75 fuel rail does not have a return as on those cars it is built into the tank. So one needs to be added.

I chose to cut mine up and make it with the return on the other end of the rail for equal pressure across all the injectors. Not necessary i just did it for future FI plans.

The throttle body needs to be swapped also as the 75 uses drive by wire so its all electronic. I used the diamante one i had from a previous project. There is no place to mount the throttle cable on the 75 intake manifold so i made one using the egr solenoid mounting bolts. You may notice the orientation of the TB 90 degrees from where it normally is. This was for clearance issues.

The EGR solinoid on the 75 is also electronic so you must use the one from the 72 it is a direct fit.

More pics and info as i get time to post it up.

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