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Agree and disagree

Originally Posted by MCMike37 View Post
Again, my personal recommendations for anyone starting off is a KYB/AGX or something of that nature. If you plan on going further, I would go with the adjustable, so you can research firsthand what the different settings will do to handling and drivability. Then work on the parts I mentioned above before even considering coilovers and everything that goes with that.

The most important part to take out of this thread is to DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!!! Do not take any of this information and act on it blindly.

Ok, soapbox dismounted now.
Agreed on the do your own research but disagreed on starting with agx. I cant tell you how many customers have tried the agx and then paid out labor and cost again to switch to coilovers. Granted you need to weigh your suspension options vs your budget but search these forums and see how many people on here are posting with "ok so i currently have agx/einbach setup and i want to go coilover now etc". Im not saying youll be dissapointed with them yourself but if you have a friend with a set of dialed coilovers and a friend with agx's maybe take a drive in each. Consider this if the cost is nearly the same why shell it out twice 6 months from now when your not as impressed with the agx setup anymore or you want to raise/lower your drop. The coilovers give you an adjustable drop so if you happen to go eiback sportlines and find you bottom out too much your going to have to pay the labor and cost of springs all over again when you could have dropped a little extra cash now and been able to change anything anytime. Yes theres dropzones out there but i have never had anyone happy with them and the cost is such that you might as well go coilover again. Im sure some people are content with their dropzones if you are really sold on the agx setup but research it before you make a decision. Another thing of note is i say $60+ for alignment because its all subjective to the skill pricing and drop. Yes you can spend $500+ on dialing in your suspension. Yes you can get the dealer to install and dial it for about that and theyll go with proper factory specs for camber etc. But its all in the installers skill. Not every dealership or midas or any shop is never the same. Find someone you trust and dont be afraid to negotiate. Even better watch them do the install and ask some questions so next time you can try it yourself if you want. If you go coilover chances are youll have more options in the long run and thats what makes it cost effective now. But please always research more then my opinion go buy a mitsu mechanic a beer or ask a local tuner about his setup.
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