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Originally Posted by HIJACKER View Post
This doesn't make sense - explain.

Where was the SUV, where were you, what action did you abruptly take to "spin out", how fast were you going, etc...
I was in the middle lane on the toll way doing 65 and the SUV, which was a sports BMW but I didn't see what kind, was in the same lane but two cars behind me. They were in a hurry and the left lane was not available to change so they sped up (maybe 75mph) and passed the guy behind me on the right. As they did I started to go into the right lane as well as my exit was coming up. I was half way in the right lane when I heard squealing tires under braking. I glance to my right to see the SUV barreling down on me. I was sure they were going to hit me so I turned the wheel to the left to go back into the middle lane. I turned to fast and the back end went out. It started to fishtail and I couldn't keep it straight. I managed to not hit any other cars but still crashed into the wall.
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