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Originally Posted by HIJACKER View Post
Sure is absolutely right. You made an excessive maneuver and over-corrected the car causing an accident. The individual behind you (regardless of what they were doing) never made impact with your vehicle. So in the eyes of the law, YOU are at fault.

Failure to maintain full time and attention, reckless driving, improper lane change, etc. You could fall into any of those categories (or a few others) depending on how the scene is analyzed and what they wrote on the report based on several other factors which you still haven't shared.

But, that's my professional opinion based on the little but you DID share. So roll your eyes all you want kiddo, you made a mistake and over-reacted.

Listen kiddo, before you run your mouth read a little. I never said anywhere it was not my fault. I simply said what happen. In my professional opinion as a decent human you need to take a lesson from everyone else on here. No one else jumped on my back on who's fault it was, they all asked if I was ok and sent their concerns and condolences. I appreciate what you are trying to do but have a heart and some sense before hitting that submit button, ok? Thanks, bye
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