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Originally Posted by DemonEclipse View Post
I have to be honest. I cant believe you are making a big deal of this. You have been a member on this forum for a long time and for the most part command respect.

First off...

That's....what I said...again, I never said it wasn't my fault nor his. I simply described the situation as it unfolded.

Apparently YOU need to read it a few times more.

....again, I never said it wasn't

Did you even read what I wrote?!

Think of it in terms of all of what I wrote in terms of seconds. He may have been going 70 or 75 when he passed the car behind me (not crazy speeds lets be honest). He changed lanes almost at the same time I did but I was going 60 or 65 (technically we were both speeding). He did surprise me enough to have me turn the wheel too much and on top of that I was still kinda sleepy. All of this added up to me crashing (AGAIN, NOT SAYING IT WASN'T MY FAULT!)

That's your misinterpretation of what I wrote. No where did I say, "He was speeding and almost hit me so I had no choice but to act quietly and thus lost control!" Furthermore, I also never said what I did out of instinct (NOT CONSCIOUS CHOICE) was the "RIGHT" choice. And you're right, this could have been a lot worse. I could have hurt or killed someone, I could have been killed myself, doesn't that alone warrant more open-minded compassion and sympathy?

Again I have to be honest. I can not fathom why you are pressing this so much. This is not a thread about HOW TO DEAL WITH LANE CHANGES, or HOW TO CONTROL YOUR CAR WHEN AVOIDING ANOTHER CAR, or even HOW TO BE STUPID AND TOTAL YOUR PRIDE AND JOY.

I am in NO WAY trying to promote what I did as a teaching tool. If anything, you can see this as a learning experience. Instead of attacking me, why don't you HELP me and others know WHAT to do in situations like this or better yet, just say what everyone else did, "Glad your ok, sorry for your loss." Please, with all do respect, you are being a jerk.

I would hope that you would have more faith in the general population on this forum than to think them naive enough to read this "graveyard" thread and think its some sort of example for them to follow.

You really need to re-think your position on this. I am really not trying to piss you off, simply trying to address something that plagues a lot of forums and the world in general: People jumping to conclusion and generalities to justify some self righteous sense of policing everyone else. You need not jump down peoples throats about petty stuff (especially when you're mostly inaccurate), instead I suggest compassion, understanding, and common sense.

To everyone who DID honestly send me their best wishes, THANK YOU!!
Man, looking at some of these forums and it seems like that in every one, hijacker manages to be an a**hole. Some people...

I think its crazy you missed everyone on that highway. At least you got a little lucky. Sad about the car though. Thats my fear with mine. If I crash, all that mod work goes down the drain. Glad you're alright though man.

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