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Originally Posted by Chipmunkk View Post
would any of y'all get a 4G Eclipse?

For me it came down to what was available when I was buying a car. In mid 2000 really the only options where the 3G or the newly designed Celica. I looked at a whole host of other cars (Cougar, Firebird, Volvo, Acura) but nothing really fit the bill better than the 3G. I considered a new GST/GSX since there were still a few to be had at that time, but honestly I fell in love with the looks of the 3G and that coupled with a very "daily-drivable" V-6 sealed the deal for me at a price point much less than a GST/GSX.

Now, what I would do differently would have been to ditch the leather seats and premium sound system and try to get a model with only a sunroof and no spoiler, but as it was my first car purchase I wasn't thinking long haul in the fact I would change the stereo, and the leather seats were not great quality and would have enjoyed the cloth ones much more (That is until I put the ECO seats in)
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