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Originally Posted by MCMike37 View Post

For me it came down to what was available when I was buying a car. In mid 2000 really the only options where the 3G or the newly designed Celica. I looked at a whole host of other cars (Cougar, Firebird, Volvo, Acura) but nothing really fit the bill better than the 3G. I considered a new GST/GSX since there were still a few to be had at that time, but honestly I fell in love with the looks of the 3G and that coupled with a very "daily-drivable" V-6 sealed the deal for me at a price point much less than a GST/GSX.

Now, what I would do differently would have been to ditch the leather seats and premium sound system and try to get a model with only a sunroof and no spoiler, but as it was my first car purchase I wasn't thinking long haul in the fact I would change the stereo, and the leather seats were not great quality and would have enjoyed the cloth ones much more (That is until I put the ECO seats in)
I keep seeing people say the leather is poor quality. I picked up my 02 GT in 2009, and have done nothing to treat or otherwise preserve the leather, and it looks great. No rips, no tears, still comfortable. I'm actually looking at some new cars now and the thing I would miss most would be the leather, it's so easy to keep clean.
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