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Originally Posted by Altephor View Post
I keep seeing people say the leather is poor quality. I picked up my 02 GT in 2009, and have done nothing to treat or otherwise preserve the leather, and it looks great. No rips, no tears, still comfortable. I'm actually looking at some new cars now and the thing I would miss most would be the leather, it's so easy to keep clean.
It's just not a quality leather compared to other cars. Not that I expected a 20k car to have Benz-quality leather, but I could have saved a decent chunk of money and been just as happy, if not more so with cloth seats since they are a bit more grippy not to mention cooler.

Originally Posted by Chipmunkk View Post
lol what did the premium sound system consist of anyway?
Really just seven speakers with an external amp, I ended up replacing it all, rather soon after buying the car.
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