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The 3G - Still Relevant in 2017!

So I was at the grocery store perusing car mags (I had recently finished my last toilet literature), and I was about to settle on Motor Trend's issue on the "Purist Shootout," when something in Car & Driver caught my eye.

The article pits a 2015 Domino's DXP against a 2001 Mitsuibish Eclipse "GT-R" (from what I gathered just a GS, but I'm not 100% convinced the author knows/cares) in a pizza delivery competition. They chose the Eclipse because it seemed like the most realistic pizza delivery car in today's climate.

Welp, the Eclipse didn't win.

"I offered $1300 to the shop that had impounded it, and the offer was immediately accepted, meaning that i overpaid."

Some fun quotes:

"The exhaust droned, the peeling window tint became a reality-distortion field, and the battery died." my exhaust isn't that bad...

" OBD II fault made it temporarily impossible to pass California's' smog check..." my car has recently been flashing a CEL at me for an O2 sensor...

"...was practically guillotined pulling a pizza out of the cargo hold, because the rear hatch's hydraulic struts were blown." my hatch struts recently gave out lol.

"...40-foot turning circle made U-turns difficult..." yup.

"...once you defeat your own dignity, it's not that bad."

It's in this issue in case anyone want's to read it themselves:
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