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Originally Posted by Bitter View Post
I can't say I've ran into that, were they all of the same design? Moog has rolled out a new 'internal' boot for some parts which have had issues with boot failures, they look weird but they work better. I've not ran into a freely spinning moog part. However, were they K or RK series moog? RK is more or less the same as any other part, K is the problem solver line which is the 'real' moog.
Yeah I did notice that difference. However, yes they are the problem solver version all around. When I say freely I mean I could literally move it around like an old Atari joystick style freely. Both rear end links as well as the passenger front right were like this on both ends. The driver's side was solid as were the inner and outer tie rods and also the front lower ball joints. They also all had boots, grease loaded in already and came with self tapping grease fittings which were such a pain to even get started on some. Once I got to the defective ones I didn't even bother.

Just have to send these back for replacements. First time I've ever had issue with Moog. To be clear, this isn't Rock Auto's fault. I guess I either got a bad batch or from the look of some of the boxes being opened and missing plastic bagging that they were returns or something misplaced. Glad I found out and was able to go over everything else within the order to make sure before I started wrenching away for nothing.
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