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keoni 12/15/2012 10:58 PM

New 3g Member from Tacoma
hey so i saw a club3g decal on a car at the the auburn supermall so i figured i would check this forum out.

I drive a two tone white bottom black top/hood, w/ matching skirts and lips, tein suspension on black 18's. most noticeable thing about my 3g is the "HK" decal on the rear quarter panel.

ill try and post pics shortly.

just wanted to say hi and introduce myself to everyone.

keoni 12/15/2012 11:00 PM

oops just saw the NW sign in thread... my bad

LimeGreen3G 12/30/2012 08:54 PM

Another member and I live in Auburn, you most likely saw one of us.

Was it this one?

or this one?

Welcome! :wavey:

Mattt 12/30/2012 08:56 PM

Welcome :yesway:

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