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02 sensor

  1. p0241 what to buy premade foulers online

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    So I have been searching the forum to find out about the code. No answer has been clear enough to decide which route I should take. I am not interested in changing the cat atm. I just need the code off to pass emissions. Help would be greatly appreciated Here is what I know and am unclear...
  2. Very frustrating.....please help

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    Hello, I have an 03 eclipse GT 3.0. I bought it used and the previous owner put headers and straight pipe so it has no cats. It has a cel and doesn't pass emissions. My plates have been expired since last year Oct and a few days ago I got pulled over and got $300 in tickets. The cop told me...
  3. Replacing bank 1 sensor 1 O2?

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    Get everyone, well after pulling a PO135, I got in a new oxygen sensor, and I see where the sensor is, but being as young as I am, I havent really ever taken apart this cars engine yet? What all needs to be taken out or done to replace the bank 1 sensor 1 02? I see it but cannot reach it...
  4. 02 Sensor- Where to buy?

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    Hey everyone! Whats up? I havent been on in a while, my SES light came on last week, so i ran up to autozone and used their OBD2, I pulled an upstream 02 sensor error, so Im assuming that means a bad 02 sensor on the cat, the guy who was "helping me" wasnt very bright, he couldnt even find the...