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  1. Worth parting out a stock 2000 GT?

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    Honestly I thought I registered on this website a few years ago. Been using this site each time my 2000 GT needed repair or something was wrong. Finally my car died on the way to work. Spent around $400 to tow the car and replace radiator, cap, coolant. Plus it needs another $2000 worth of...
  2. Felzora's 2000 Eclipse GT

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    Picked this car up in July of 2016, and have been very slowly fixing it up. Bought it for $1k knowing it needed a head gasket(among several other ones), a timing belt, and now struts. Haven't taken any pictures until yesterday, so it's already apart. Just need to remove a few more things and get...
  3. My car has trouble starting.

    Problem Reports
    When starting, my 3.0 liter 2000 manual transmission eclipse turns over strong. While the battery is charged the car has no problem turning over. I have to pump the gas for my car to start. When running there is no loss of performance and no hesitation. It has a clean fuel filter and band new...
  4. Problems(engine)

    Problem Reports
    Good evening, I have bought a 3g two months ago(before I had 2012 4g but rear-ended nissan centra on 65mph). Problem list: 1. So my baby is 2000 eclipse GT(bought at 134xxx, now 138xxx). So it was running pretty smooth for a months and than I noticed that when its idling it shakes...shakes...
  5. 2000 Eclipse acceleration problem

    Problem Reports
    I have a completely stock 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT with the 3.0L v6. Recently I bought the car from someone who said it just died on the highway and wouldn't start. After getting it home I looked it over tested the fuel pump and it was fine. Later I found a severed wire going to the crank...
  6. PO403 and PO421

    Problem Reports
    Hello! The engine light in my 2000 eclipse gs (2.4L) is on, the codes are PO403 and PO421, I need help on how to fix it please pictures would be great!!..I need to pass the emission!!:eek3:
  7. Need help with 2000 Eclipse GT fuel pump

    Problem Reports
    Recently I had a problem where my engine was turning off randomly while driving. There was no noise or warning it would just suddenly be off. The first few times it turned on without a problem. After a while it wouldn't turn on anymore. After some investigation it turned out that the fuel...
  8. Rear quarter panel replacement HELPP

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    hey everyone, im new to this forum, I have looked for a good hour and coudnt find anyone who attempted to replace a rear quarter panel or made a how-to.. I have recently purchased a 2000 eclipse rs with a smashed passenger quarter panel and was needing some insight.. and no I dont wanna take it...
  9. Gauge Cluster Issues

    Problem Reports
    Hey all. Got a problem with my 2000 eclipse. I just bought it off a guy knowing the issue and hoping I could fix it. So here's the issue. It was an aftermarket gauge cluster in it for a 2001 eclipse. Im not sure if the problem is as simple as wrong year but the only thing currently working on...
  10. Ackhavong's 00' Eclipse GT

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    12/10/12 Its been a while and I haven't uploaded any more pictures. But here are some of this and some of that. Those were from a while back ago. So yeah, thanks for viewing guise! ಠ益ಠ Will be getting more photos soon. :| What I got now. ENGINE -NGK Sparks and wires. -HPS Short Ram Intake...
  11. My 2000 GT

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    andrzejluko's 2000 GT, a work in progess So I originally did not plan on owning an Eclipse, but I was driving a Ford Escort (piece of shit...) but anyway the tranny was going and I lost third gear. Long story short, tranny blew and I needed a car. My buddy sold me his 2000 GT for 1.5 and I...
  12. WTB: New/Used Clutch

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    Hey all, Just looking to see if anyone has a decent new/used clutch up for grabs. :wavey: I'm aiming to get something a tad stronger than stock but then again, I'm just checking to see what you all have floating around out there. I'll settle for a stock one if it's in great condition (mine...
  13. trans help

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    i have a 2000 eclipse gs with damaged trans. my 4th gear is broken so instead of going 1,2,3,4,5... i need to go 1,2,3,5.(still able to be driven fine) i need to buy a used trans and the labor is gunna be $400 it also needs all new tires + an allignment i got the car for $2,800... is it...
  14. What Struts and Springs??

    Ok guys, First thread I post here :). So I noticed that I need the front (left) strut replaced in my 2000 Eclipse RS. It has 120k Miles on it. im the 2nd owner of this vehicle. I dont know much about cars, but I wanna get involved and be a little more Mechanically inclined. SO here Is what I...
  15. FS: 2000GT AEM V2, NRG Hood Pins, OEM lights, upper strut, 4-disc radio + spkrs...

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    Hey all, I'm parting out a couple of random parts from my 2000 Eclipse GT. They've been sitting in my garage and should all be in pretty decent shape. Also, I haven't listed anything with shipping price yet. I live south of Chicago so if anyone near the area buys, I'm willing to drop it off to...
  16. Spoiler, Ignition coils and boots, head gasket BRAND NEW

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    I have a spoiler left over from a 2000 eclipse gs that i parted out, i will sell for 130 plus shipping..... i will be posting pictures later this week when i am back home, i also have a set of ignition coils with the boots i bought to put on the car and ended up scrapping it out so i no longer...
  17. WTB 2000-2005 eclipse

    Cars for Sale/Wanted
    hello, i get my license in feb. and just got a job and am in love with eclipse's ha. i'm looking to see what i can get. i'm from central pa and am looking prob less than 4500$ to spend. i'm making about 400 a month so yea.. lmk what you have thanks.
  18. BLACK 2000 GT IN VA

    Cars for Sale/Wanted
    SOLD Milage: 155k Year 2000 is a fed spec car Auto/Sport Car was repainted factory black Mods AGK Adjustable struts up front Poly Motor mount inserts Cold Air intake Yellow top Optima Battery Greddy SP2 Catback Exhaust New Bosch plugs and wires Drilled and slotted rotors Ceramic brake pads...
  19. Door Panels

    3G Eclipse General Discussion
    Will 2001 door panels fit on a 2000? I'm looking to purchase a passenger side door panel because mine is falling apart. I think the sun got to it. But the one I'm looking to buy is off of a 2001 and I have a 2000. Will it fit?
  20. Take a look.

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    Hey. Fairly new to the site. Already finding it useful and I'm already able to be useful. I'd definitely like to find more Club3g meets in and around Tennessee. I'm sure I will though. Here's some pics of the car. Sorry no engine pics. They're on my other computer. I'll get them sometime. I'm...