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  1. Problem Reports
    No matter what I try, or how fast I am hitting the buttons the car simply won't enter programming mode for a replacement fob. I followed the only guides to bridge the pins 1 and 4 and the car does nothing. The alarm system was removed due to it going off constantly, not sure if that would affect...
  2. New Members Forum
    My car: 2001 Eclipse RS A couple weeks ago I was driving down the highway and the car died as if out of gas. Full tank of gas. Had it towed to station. They did diagnosis and said it was bad fuel pump. I couldn't afford 600 dollars to have it fixed so bought a new fuel pump assembly and after...
  3. Cars for Sale/Wanted
    Hey guys, Since my timing belt snapped while going 50 mph down the road, I'm more than certain I have head damage (not to mention after it died, I had no idea what happened, so when the car came to a stop, I tried cranking it 3 times), after pricing a new alternator, a new oil pump, new timing...
  4. New Members Forum
    I recently got a set of leather seats from a 2002 eclipse GT and my goal is to install them on my 2001 eclipse RS. Is this possible? the GT driver seat is a power seat. I would appreciate your help
1-4 of 4 Results