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2002 eclipse gt

  1. Someone Photoshop a lip kit?

    Photoshop Requests / Tests
    ive used photoshop for years but i cant learn how to photoshop parts onto my car. if someone could contact me to do a quick PS on my 02 eclipse that would be sick. i dont have a specific model of a kit but anything would be fine. just want to see what it would look like before i purchase a kit...
  2. Colonial 38's 02' GT

    Members Rides
    Hey guys, I've been a member of the forum for about a year now, but never decided on putting up pics of my 02' GT. Here goes, I've owned my 02' Gt since the spring of 2012, loved it ever since. It isn't flashy, nor does it have many mods, but I try to keep it clean! Exterior mostly stock...
  3. Me and my Eclissi GT. Oh, and I hate chrome..

    New Members Forum
    Hello, My name is Josh, I'm 17, I'm from Kansas City, Missouri USA, my 2002 Eclipse GT is only my second car. I do not know a WHOLE lot about cars and their mechanics, but I am very interested. Before I moved, I grew up in a very ghetto neighborhood, where every kid threw a chrome sticker or...
  4. 2002 Eclipse GT, wont start

    Problem Reports
    Ok, I looked through a bunch of "wont start" threads and didn't find any that seemed like they matched my problem. If this is a repost I apologize and advance. I have a manual 2002 Eclipse GT with around 135k miles. The other day I stopped to fill up my tank and when I went to start my car...
  5. DaniIndoor's 2002 Panda GT

    Members Rides
    === Mod List=== Exterior -03/05 Front end Conversion. -03/05 TYC Yellow Fog Lights. -03/05 Black Housing Front Signals. -WW Full Lip Kit. (2 Tone/Satin Black) -1PC UTVProducts Billet Grille. (Satin Black) -Swift Motorsports Hide Away Plate Holder. -Sonar Projector Headlights. (CCFL Halo)...