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  1. 02 GS Vibration maybe trans?

    Problem Reports
    Hi guys, Of course my first post would be a problem lol. I have an odd vibration that happens when I shift into reverse or park its also happened while in 4th gear. It sounds kind of like a metal rattle. It sounds like coming from the driver side bottom like just in front of the firewall...
  2. newb needs an please

    New Members Forum
    so i just purchased my first 3g spyder gt from a friend for 2grand...everything is stock inside. i was looking at air intakes as my first little upgrade any thoughts on what a good intake would be...i see cold and i guess regular intakes, which would be better? im obviously a noob but im falling...
  3. Can I just cut off my Cali-Spec pre-cats?

    3G Eclipse GT/GTS Specific
    I have an 02 Cali-spec GT 5-spd and I want to just cut off my pre-cats and run straight to the main cat. Can this be done without having to reprogram anything?
  4. 2002 Eclipse GT For Sale - VERY NICE!

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  5. My Eclipse

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    Just wanting anyones suggestions on what i should upgrade/ change next. Or just some structured critisism on what I have so far? Thanks
  6. 2002 Eclipse GT Alarm Problem.

    Problem Reports
    My 2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT alarm goes off when the Sun hits it in the morning around 7:15am also at sundown. It NEVER goes off at nighttime. I have been calling around both Mitsubishi dealers and Alarm companies and I never get a straight answer. Could the Sun be triggering my factory alarm...
  7. 2002 Eclipse Alternator Removal

    Problem Reports
    Hello everybody, So im currently in the process of removing the alternator from my 2002 Eclipse 4 cylinder, but im stuck on the last bolt. It has a square head and I was able to pull it out by wiggling the alternator(after removing other bolts and disconnecting it), however, the side panel...
  8. WTB: Fake Vents (2002 GT)

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    Hello! I am looking for the plastics that go under the front driving lights. I purchased my car without them and I don't want to leave the inside of the engine along with electrical wiring exposed to rain and other harmful things. I attached a picture just in case you don't know what I am...
  9. My 2002 Eclipse GT

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    NEW: Pictures Album ( I JUST bought this on the 23rd and got plates for it on the 26th so don't flame me on how bad it looks... But I am looking for your input! I am looking to add a lot of mods to my new car! This list will be made to what you...
  10. How do I disable the factory alarm?

    New Members Forum
    Hey guys. I bought a 2002 Eclipse GS Spyder last week. I love the car but the alarm keeps going off no matter how I lock the car. I haven't been able to locate a sensitivity adjuster anywhere. There's no Mitsubishi dealer within 100 miles of me, either (there used to be, but they closed), and...
  11. 2002 Eclipse Forest Green FOR SALE!! if not sold .. future part out

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    2002 Eclipse GS 125000 miles MANUAL K&N Typhoon RAI 20% tint all around HALO lights headlights Smoked Euro Taillights ALL stock speakers were replaced(except tweakers) with ALPINE R speakers ALPINE CD/MP3 player w/Ipod jack. 2 faces Right back rim is damaged ( spare rim used ) Right...

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    W/MOTOR SMOKED K6 "ARROW LED BUILT-IN" SIDE MIRRORS M3 | eBay W/MOTOR SMOKED K6 "ARROW LED BUILT-IN" SIDE MIRRORS M3 Ok, i have a question... Has anyone else bought these mirrors?? I just got a set and i am having alot of issues with them. First they look nice but the surface of the mirrors...
  13. I'm new! 02 Eclipse GT

    New Members Forum
    So as of recently, I'm the owner of an 02 GT. It's super dope! But it's got some problems... some I won't mention because I searched em and found em, but there's a couple- -The sunroof cover is broken. It looks like it used to be two pieces? that slid? but now they're seperated. I can slide...
  14. 2002 Eclipse GS Catalytic Converter?

    Problem Reports
    My SES light came on about 3 weeks ago, took it to get the diagnostics ran on it and voila, catalytic converter is going bad. I've looked online at the cats but some say the placement is "rear" and some say nothing at all. Does this mean I have two separate cats or what? If so, how do I figure...
  15. FS: 02 stock radio

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    2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse Stereo/Deck
  16. Just got my 3g last week.

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    I will be changing the tails real soon to a better set. I did the emblems myself. I put plenty of work into the looks of the car since I bought it last week and will be continuing to do so for a while.:) Everything on the car besides the exhaust system, tails, and rims, are stock...
  17. 02 GT headers?

    New Members Forum
    Anyone know where I can find any aftermarket headers for my 2002 eclipse GT?