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  1. New Members Forum
    Hello, I'm looking to buy a 3G, I have 2 at my town right now a GS and a GTS Spyder, I'm really new to the motor as I'm more of a motorcycle guy, what would be better the GS is a manual and the GTS Spyder is Automatic I would like to use it as a hobby car to move around at the city and from...
  2. 3G Eclipse General Discussion
    I'm currently looking to sell my 03 Eclipse GTS, specifically because it's automatic and I really want a manual! But it seems nobody want's them anymore, dealerships are saying they'll take $1,000 for it and I've gotten no offers from craigslist(Currently trying for $2,800) I really want to give...
  3. Problem Reports
    Hello, I am new to the forums and would appreciate any and all help that you can provide. I have a 03 GT-S 3.0 V6. I have had the entire engine rebuilt approximately a year ago and replaced all belts, to include the timing belt. I was driving on the freeway going approximately 80 MPH when I...
  4. New Members Forum
    I have gotten theses Codes from Autozone any suggestion for quick fixes to see if any will go away p0174(System too lean cylinders 2-3) p0401(Exhaust gas Re circulation (egr) Flow insufficient) p0335(Crankshaft podtion Sensor(ckp) p0340 (Crankshaft podtion Sensor) cmp
  5. 3G Eclipse GT/GTS Specific
    So about a year ago I hydro locked my engine on my way to work. I am a Marine Corps Drill Instructor so I have not really had time until now to work on the engine. I have been looking at some rebuild kits on and the have two that will fit an engine with a code of 6G32. Will this...
  6. Problem Reports
    :mecry2: i just bled the cooling system but i really dont think it helped. i was driving home and at a stop light i noticed the temp gauge slowly started going up. it went from normal to about 3/4 then normal then 3/4 again and it went back to normal when i started driving. ive noticed my...
1-6 of 6 Results