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  1. 01 eclipse gt performance build

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    Hey yall, im new here, new to owning cars and new to upgrading them. With all this in mind I've been trying to learn as much as i can before making this decision. I'd like to make a build for my 01 eclipse that is the perfect(or as close as it can be) middle ground of fuel economy and drive...
  2. 05 3.0 engine idle

    Problem Reports
    I have an 05 GTS. I recently had plugs replaced and mass flow sensor and 02 sensors. After the engine warms up, the idle fluctuates up and down when in neutral. If the temperature is below freezing the check engine light will not come on. If the temperature is above 50 and above the check engine...
  3. Website glitching out

    Resolved Issues
    I reload 4 times and keeps sending me to the offline fourms
  4. Broken Timing belt while driving....

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    Hello, I am new to the forums and would appreciate any and all help that you can provide. I have a 03 GT-S 3.0 V6. I have had the entire engine rebuilt approximately a year ago and replaced all belts, to include the timing belt. I was driving on the freeway going approximately 80 MPH when I...
  5. Hello from Minnesota!

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    Hey! Glad to see there is such a large community for these cars! I am new to cars in general, so please forgive my ignorance for awhile. Well, I drive a 2001 Stratus R/T coupe. I fell in love with it when I first saw it about a year ago. My plan was never to do any sort of build with it, until I...
  6. jdesjardin92's 04 spyder gts

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    miles 118xxx work so far since 12/11 -new clutch -new brakes and rotors -all fluids flushed and topped off -all new gaskets -all new spark plugs and wires -new 17" konig lightnings with new nankang n605 225/50/17(all season tires but only gonna use for winter tires on old stock rims) -night...
  7. Entire DRIVERS side carpet is always wet

    Problem Reports
    About a month ago I noticed my carpet was wet. It's only my drivers side, front and back seat. The passengers side is completely dry. I don't understand where it could be coming from. But it's getting worse. I'm having puddles of water in my car! It's not coming from the window, I don't have a...
  8. po431

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    Alright this is what is going on. I have a 431 code which is the cat is running below threshold or meaning its f'd. The possibilities are a bad cat, mis fire, large vacuum leak, or oil leaking into my exhaust valve seals or piston rings. I am burning oil off because its not leaking on the ground...
  9. FS: 3.0 V6 - 24 Valve Motor, 5 speed Tranny, and axles! 3G Eclipse - 6G72

    South Central
    I have a perfect condition 3.0 V6 - 24 Valve Engine (6G72) with 122,000 original miles and 5 speed manual Transmission from my 2003 Mitsubish Eclipse GTS. This is the stock engine and stock tranny. There is nothing wrong w/ this engine or transmission at all. Has not been blown, has had oil...