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  1. 2004 Eclipes 3.0 Sport Spyder MAF Issue- HELP..

    Problem Reports
    Hello YA, I have the aforementioned car. Convertible. It's the V6. I'm getting a P0102 Mass air flow code. It pops up RIGHT after a OBD clear. The car runs very well. I Cleaned the MAF sensor and put in a new filter. The fuel trims are dead on 0. Very nice. However, I can't get the...
  2. Persisting Cylinder Misfire?

    Problem Reports
    Hi all, been lurking for a bit on this forum, never posted before now. Anyway, my car is an '01 Chrysler Sebring but it has the 3.0 DOHC used in the similar year eclipse. So I had a really bad shaking problem to my car, came out of nowhere. So i eventually went to check the codes throwing my...
  3. 2000 ECLIPSE: Fix and sell, part out... push of a cliff???

    3G Eclipse GT/GTS Specific
    A while back someone living in my residence left a 2000 eclipse gt on the property. It has sat for about two years now and is overstaying it's welcome. I know that the manual trans. has some issues, pretty sure it's stuck in third gear. When the car would start could run through the gears w/o...
  4. Squealing Noise Above 3500 RPM

    Problem Reports
    Hello everyone! I have had a problem ever since i got my 2001 Eclipse Spyder GT automatic (I know "eww an auto", I hate it too :P) over a year ago. Whenever I am accelerating above 3500 RPM the car makes a squealing sound almost like a turbo. It only happens under load, it doesn't happen in...
  5. Ripp Supercharger For Sale

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    I have a nice Ripp Supercharger for sale. It will come with all parts necessary to install. I also have a belt that fits on a 3.0, and I have 2 Spectre air filters. It has around 20,000 miles on it. This thing will make your car super fast. I am selling it for 1000 but might take other...
  6. 911!! Transmission just blew an hour ago!!

    Problem Reports
    :sweat::(:facepalm::noplease::dunno::rant2: I saw this coming.. i cant even get mad. 2001 Automatic 3.0 GT Spyder. All stock. Bought the car 6 months ago. wasnt taken care of. been giving it all the love I can. I cant tell if it slippin or slamming, but ever since i got it, the thing gets ugly...
  7. TSI extreme turbo kit for V6? Bad or good?

    Parts Reviews & Opinions
    I know I am either not searching far enough or maybe not reading enough but either way if I may can any of you guys out there who has tried this TSI extreme turbo kits varified if this brand actually does come with quality parts and runs well with major parts that is required. I'm thinking of...
  8. Headers...What's the best 3 options for the GTS?

    New Members Forum
    I have a 2003 or 03 GTS V6, and have decided on the Borla system, but can't decide on headers. Of course I would love the Ripp Mods long tube headers, but my issues with that (and most headers) have been passing the saftey inspection hear in Texas, and partialy money. I would love to do the...
  9. FS: 3.0 V6 - 24 Valve Motor, 5 speed Tranny, and axles! 3G Eclipse - 6G72

    South Central
    I have a perfect condition 3.0 V6 - 24 Valve Engine (6G72) with 122,000 original miles and 5 speed manual Transmission from my 2003 Mitsubish Eclipse GTS. This is the stock engine and stock tranny. There is nothing wrong w/ this engine or transmission at all. Has not been blown, has had oil...
  10. WTB Crankshaft Pulley (6-cyl engine)

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    I am looking for a new or used/good condition crankshaft pulley for a 3.0 6-cyl engine. If you have one for sale, pm me or reply. I will pay for shipping. 2000 Mitsu. Eclipse GT
  11. I was wondering if this could be done... swap my 3.0

    Eclipse Performance
    I have been thinking about swapping out my engine on my gts since its got almost 150k it still runs strong no problems, i just dont like waiting for something to happen. also the work i have done on it im sure everyone is with me the V6 is a pain, even a simple spark plug job takes hours. So...