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  1. 3000gt intake manifold swap question

    Eclipse Performance
    I am currently doing a turbo build on my gt and i want to cut down on some of the complex plumbing. If i put the throttle body on the passenger side of the engine it will make it so that after the air passes through the inter cooler it dosent have to cross the the engine bay or interfere with...
  2. Searching for the perfect car.. anyone familliar with importing?

    New Members Forum
    *I live in Ontario Canada* So I have owned my 3g Spyder v6 for almost a year now, and believe me its a great great car. However im looking for something with a little more balls right from the factory. I love mitsubishi, and I will always stay loyal to the diamonds, and so I have set my sights...
  3. 3000gt vr4 parts compatibility questions

    Hey guys I'm new to this website, having not completely learned my way around it, and apologize if this has already been discussed and/or is in the wrong forum... So I got my 2001 Eclipse GT with 3.0 this past summer and have big plans for it.. I want performance performance performance.. And...
  4. Will stock 16x8 3000GT rims fit my 3G RS?

    Hi guys. I've got a 2000 Eclipse RS and I've been looking for some new wheels. I'd really like to get a set of 3000GT base model wheels (16x8), as they're pretty wide. I've tried searching the forums but I get mixed results: some say they'll fit, other say they won't. I believe the offset...
  5. Turbo questions

    Can you make the turbo set up off a 3000gt fit the 3g v6? Sam engine I know there are differneces but just want to know if I can twin turbo fairly easy? thanks
  6. Connecting Rods & Assembly

    So me and Russ were talking earlier this week about connecting rods. We came upon a interesting point recently. Finding out that the Eclipse has cast iron connecting rod assembly in the 6G72 version of the Engine. However, the 3000GT VR4 & SL versions all had forged steel conencting rods. Now...
  7. Exhaust Manifold from 3000GT

    Hey, a friend of mine obtained me a turbo kit that was originaly on a 6Cyl Camaro, I dont know all that much about so far with the exception that its apparently a T70, could I just use the turbo exhaust manifolds from the 3000GTs 6G72 to replace the ones I currently have instead of drilling...