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  1. 3G Eclipse RS/GS Specific
    Hello club3g, I have a 2000 Eclipse RS that has issues starting but runs fine after it warms up. All tests were ran with minimum engine load (no ac, headlights, etc) Basically whenever I turn the key the car fires up every time but at a low idle (~500) The engine will stall out if i don’t rev...
  2. 3G Eclipse General Discussion
    My headlights are yellow and cracked, and I'm looking into new ones. I was thinking about Halo headlights, tearstones 2002 eclipse to be exact. I was wondering how strong are halos tho, because I've seen pictures but they're all contrasted to show the light, and not how bright it is. If you have...
  3. 3G Eclipse General Discussion
    So I have a 2003 eclipse gs and occasionally when I floor it I’ll lose all power for a second (car doesn’t turn off or anything it just acts like I’m not pressing the gas) and I’m just trying to figure out what that could be? My guess is injectors or fuel pump, any other ideas?
  4. 3G Eclipse General Discussion
    I have my 3g that I’ve been wanting to swap. I was originally going to do a 4G64 bottom with the 4G63 head and internals but, now I’m thinking it would better to do a swap with something that has a little bit more reliability and have access to parts. What I’m looking to do is swap out my 4G64...
  5. Audio, Video and Photography
    Parts are expensive and sometimes you just need the stuff.$300 for the antenna assembly complete from the dealer was more than what I was prepared to spend, then Canada Tire has sale.So I buy one of the two from my local store. The challenge we are faced with these cars and their powered antenna...
  6. 3G Eclipse General Discussion
    I’ve been looking everywhere and no ones been very exact I would greatly appreciate a parts list for this conversation I’m thinking I can get most of what I need form the galant but I’m not sure just don’t want to buy stuff I don’t need If anyone has found any how to video please link
  7. Automotive For Sale / Wanted
  8. Wheels/Tires/Brakes/Suspension
    Hey everyone I obviously own a 2003 gs eclipse and I got some 18” rims I want to have make sure they will fit with a tire on it. it would be the correct bolt pattern but the same offset and size. Anything would be a great help. I have looked at the sizing chart on this forum but just want a...
  9. RS/GS
    hi i recently bought a 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse gs with 80000 miles on it the car currently has a 4G64. I’ve replaced a couple parts with upkeep. But i would like to know a direction to look in and focus toward for the future of my car. I’ve recently got her painted. And i would like my car to...
  10. Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    I am in desperate need of a kit for my 3g eclipse!!!!
  11. 3G Eclipse General Discussion
    I'm thinking about swapping the 3.0L v6 engine in my 3g eclipes with a 6g75 3.8L v6. Does anyone know if itll fit or what I'll have to do to make it fit?
  12. RS/GS
    I have a few questions about my car. I have a 2003 Eclipse GS Automatic Turbo, I recently just had my kit installed and every time I put the pedal to the floor it sounds like my fuel sputters out (injectors/pump can't keep up) at around 4/5k RPMs. I upgraded my fuel pump to the fuel pump that...
  13. Members Rides
    What's up everybody? I'm new here and just thought I'd share my lovely Eclipse, its a 2001 GT. I've had it for about a year now, and I really couldnt be happier. I bought it with the rims it has, it was also lowered by the previous owner. Had some minor cosmetic issues and a busted up front...
  14. AutoX/Road Course/Circle Track Tech
    Earlier this month I went to Roebling Road track day near Savannah GA. It was a great deal of fun. It was my first time going to a race track so I participated in the Hooked on Driving Racing school. At the end of the day I was doing better but during my first runs I was missing apexes left and...
  15. Members Rides
    Hey all I'm new here and decided to start a build. I'm actaully on TGC so I'm not that new to the Galant/Eclipse world. Feel free to comment or give suggestions :) Painted the steering whell emblem since I was bored Replaced all gauge cluster lights, I'll have to get a new pic, this was...
  16. New Members Forum
    Hey all I'm Jamie and I'm new here. I got referred here since I'm on aka tgc. I love all cars especially Mitsubishis. The 3Gs are great and practically same as the 8g Galant. I hope to see all different rides and maybe even get some ideas for my own. Thanks for reading this
  17. New Members Forum
    I have done some searching but havent been able to find anything really about this topic. Im wondering if there is some sort of semi indepth guide to inspecting your eclipse for warn/damaged parts. I am quite new to learning the mechanics of my vehicle, and would rather not pay for a costly...
1-17 of 26 Results