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  1. 4G64 to 6A13 (non-turbo)

    3G Eclipse RS/GS Specific
    Hello all, I own 3g Eclipse with 4g64 stock engine which is reaching end of it's life and I also own 8g Galant with 6a13 (non-turbo) which has some serious chassis rust issues. So I am thinking about swapping 6a13 from galant to eclipse. After crude measurement all mounting points seem to be in...
  2. 4g64 auto transmission will it hold up too boost?

    New Members Forum
    so I'm currently building a automatic 4g64 eclipse planning on running 15 psi or so with a power goal of 250-300 my question is what trans is best! build kits for current trans or can I use a 2nd gen auto trans or do just have to swap a manual in to hold 300 plus down the road im sure someone...
  3. Need answers on a build

    Hi I’m kinda new to the eclipse I have taken an engine down and fixed one I’m on my second third gen and really wanna put some power in it I know that my plan is to turbo my car it is a 2.4 liter 4g64 my plan is to buy a new block and build a new engine my main questions are what parts should I...
  4. Tuning Software for 03EclipseGS

    Engine Management Tuning
    I have a 2003 Eclipse GS. It has the 2.4L 4Cyl 4g64 motor with a DOHC head. I made the decision over the past winter to have it turbocharged. I've got everything ready to go, but my dyno technician needs a program. I've purchased a Tactrix cable. I'm sure this question has been answered multiple...
  5. Performance mods on my 3g GS

    New Members Forum
    I recently bought a bone stock 2003 eclipse GS. It has the factory 4g64 and was wondering what are the best and cheapest performance mods i can do without totally screwing up my mpg?
  6. WTB: 2.4 Manual Trans/Bell Housing

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    Hi, I am new on here and hope I am not breaking any FS/WTB thread rules. Basically i am looking for a g64 complete Manual transmission OR just the bell housing for said engine and transmission. You can pm me on here if you've got what i'm looking for. Thanks in advance.
  7. Junkyard/Salvage Yard Help

    New Members Forum
    Hey guys new member here needing some help. So I have an auto 2000 eclipse Rs 2.4L bone stock engine that just blew the head gasket (and possibly more?) I am planning to make a trip to the junk yard here soon and I have a few Q's. Because I am very broke and this is my daily I am trying to do...
  8. 2001 GS 2.4 build?

    New Members Forum
    Ok first and foremost if I'm posting in the wrong category or "tread" kill me I'm new to this. Now lets get started a little history on my behalf so far I've owned 5 eclipses 97-RS 98-GS 96-GST 01-GS/auto 01-GS/manual 2.4 which is what I'm currently driving. This is and will be my first...
  9. New member from Albuquerque, NM

    New Members Forum
    hi new member, i drive a 2003 eclipse gs, as well as a 94 3000gt. i was looking to see if theres any other members in NM. i have just the basic bolt ons, intake, exhaust, headers but i love my car! :ndance::agreed:
  10. 2005 eclipse GS spyder

    New Members Forum
    Hey guys I haven't been on here for a while, I used to have a 2000 eclipse RS, but some Retard side swiped me and totaled it, luckily my uncle owns a small dealership in Baltimore MD, I gave him the insurance check plus the old rs and I was the owner of a 2005 GS spyder Here's a pic of the old...
  11. Can you turbocharge a 2001 Eclipse Spyder GS?

    New Members Forum
    I want to turbocharge my 2001 Spyder GS but ive been looking online and havent found any for these type of cars with 4G64 engine. Can these cars be turbocharged?
  12. 4g64 02 RS Turbo questions

    New Members Forum
    I realise I'm new and I have found bits and piece to my answers by reading posts but some answers still remain unanswered so I guess Ill just ask in one post and hope to not get bashed as te noob too bad.. Ok so here it goes. I finally got the money to turbo my 4g64 2.4L engine it's on an 02...
  13. My 2000 GS's life story with me and a lot of problems. (Death at 162k).

    Problem Reports
    Alright, so, I'm new to this forum and I found it lookin' around on google because of my car's death. And basically would like to vent and get some feedback. A friend found this 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS just sitting in a field. I bought this car in MT, and the owners just had it sitting in...
  14. 2003 eclipse 510WHP

    Cars for Sale/Wanted
    2003 mitsubishi eclipse, original 60k miles Fully built 4G64 Race block 40,over wiseco pistons Manley turbo tuff rods ACL rod bearings Fully built EVO 8 headgames cylinder head 1mm Oversized ferrea Valves Port & polish 4mm Angle job HKS 280 camshafts Fidanza Cam gears TURBO gt35r garret...
  15. 4g64 needs replaced!!:(

    Problem Reports
    so i found out a few days ago that i had a blown head gasket and, a crack in my block. ive been calling salvage yards looking for another engine, havent had any luck. just wanted to know is the engine in the dodge stratus coupe the exact engine thats in the gs/rs eclipse? meaning could i get...
  16. Sorry Zee :( New stock block/head record

    Drag Racing Tech
    12.56 @ 111
  17. Voodoo's 2003 GS Turbo

    Members Rides
    I'll do my best to keep this first post up-to-date with the latest and greatest. My POS :p: Current Mods Turbo Kit Precision SC-6152E T3/T4 Turbocharger, 56 Trim Custom JHRacing 321 Stainless Steel Equal-Length Turbo Manifold HKS Super-Sequential (SSQV) Blow-Off Valve TiAL 38mm Wastegate 3"...
  18. What To Do?

    New Members Forum
    How's It Going All? I am coming to the user's of Club3G for input. I have seen some of the Mildly Sickest Eclipse's and some of the most Insanely Sick Eclipse's on here. Being in the Marine Corps is one of the most thankless Jobs I have ever seen, i dont make much. Situation: Car - 2003...
  19. WTB 2.4 M/T Starter Plate

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    Im doing the manual swap, but somehow got everything together without noticing that i needed a different starter plate. The car is ready to go so let me know your price ASAP
  20. FS: 4g64 rotating assembly - .020" CP Pistons, Polished Crank, OEM Rods, $600 SHIPPED

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    FS: 4g64 rotating assembly - .020" CP Pistons, Polished Crank, OEM Rods, $600 SHIPPED I have a brand new set of .020" (87mm) CP Pistons, rings, pins, locks... a micropolished 4g64 crankshaft from ExtremePSI, and OEM 4g64 rods. Pistons were custom made by CP for Race Engineering, and are good...