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  1. Sebring LXI head swap?

    New Members Forum
    Hi all, Recently picked up an 03 Sebring LXI 12 valve 3.0 SOHC 6G72. My question is this; will the 3000gt base model 24 valve heads mount to this engine as they are both set up for SOHC timing chains? I know the engine is mounted in the opposite orientation (trans on driver side), but are the...
  2. 03 3G engine swap question?

    Problem Reports
    I have a 03 3G V6, i cant find a motor in my area for under $1100 mine is shot 200k miles and timing belt broke bent valves. But i found a reseller here with a 6G72 from a 8th Gen Galant would that motor be a direct swap?? any help would be great 1st Eclipse here.
  3. 03 GTS - akprice44

    Members Rides
    I've been an active reader on this site since I bought my 3G in December, so I decided it was time that I created a ride thread to push myself to get more involved. I purchased my bone-stock '03 GTS in December of 2015 after totaling my swapped 02 Monte Carlo that I dumped a ton of time...
  4. 6g72 Motor Swap

    3G Eclipse GT/GTS Specific
    So recently my 03 GT spun a rod. I don't know if that's a fix worth it or if it screwed something else up in the process. ive considered doing a motor swap. I have read the thread about the DIY turbo kit in another thread. But my question here is wondering if I use another motor like the 3000gt...
  5. FS: new aftermarket parts lsd, short shifter, flywheel , custom gauge pods, etc

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    Hello everyone, I am selling some parts that I am currently not needing. Everything is ready to be shipped. Quaife lsd differential brand new $750 shipped. I also have a brand new speedo gear and bearing required for the install straight from mitsubishi for $60 for both. If you buy the lsd i...
  6. V6 overheating causes head gasket leaks *(with pictures)*

    Problem Reports
    Hi, I have 160k miles on my 2000 GT. I've had it since Jan 04, 2002 when I turned 17. I joined Club3G soon after that and have been lurking, learning ever since. I've even been to a couple of meets in the Chicago area way back when. It's always been my daily driver car. Ever since there's been...
  7. FS: 2000 V6 Eclipse W/ Blown Engine. Deltona, FL. Pickup only. $500 OBO.

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    Title Says it all... I hate to see it go, but I have to get rid of it. City keeps giving notices about fines... City ordinance: no inoperable or unregistered vehicles. IF you want it, and can get it towed. Let me know today, or it'll be gone. I would like to see it at least get used for parts...
  8. FS: Ingalls Stiffy ETD, 6G72 Throttle Body, and miscellaneous

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    Greetings! I have the following items up for sale. All prices listed include FREE SHIPPING. Here is a link to my feedback, Description: Ingalls Stiffy ETD. I had this on my car for about 5,000 miles, it still...
  9. 6G74 Intake Manifold

    Eclipse Performance
    I was thinking about swapping the intake manifold off a Diamante 3.5L onto my 2001 Spyder GT. The main reason would be to make it easier to access spark plugs, egr, and headers. Has anyone done this? Is it worth the work or even possible? Would i gain any power? Are there any other intake...
  10. Engine Weight Comparison: Actual weights

    3G Eclipse GT/GTS Specific
    Seeing that I had a 72, 74 and 75 all in pieces ready to go to scrap I got out the Silvertune family scale and took some measurements to we can put some rumors to rest once and for all. Just a standard bathroom scale... So it ain't real precise but it does the job for comparison's sake...
  11. OEM Cam Specifications

    3G Eclipse GT/GTS Specific
    Below is the current and accurate data on the 6g72, 6g74, and 6g75 Non-MIVEC OEM Camshafts. 6g72 Camshafts (Galant & Eclipse GT Model) Intake Opens (BTDC) 15* Intake Closes (ABDC) 53* Exhaust Opens (BBDC) 53* Exhaust Closes (ATDC) 15* 248* Intake Valve Duration 248* Exhaust Valve Duration...
  12. 6G72 VRS 6G74 Plenum w/6G74 Swap

    3G Eclipse GT/GTS Specific
    Alright so my 6G74 motor coming in tomorrow and I don't know if I wanna keep the 6G74's plenum on it and use the D's TB or switch back to the 72's and use the 72's TB in you past experience which was better for you? I searched the forums and really didn't see anything for this and just wanted...
  13. Turbo Kit Help

    New Members Forum
    I am new to this site but I have been looking for a good turbo kit for the 6g72 engine and could only find one. I was wondering what you guys recommend because I would rather have a kit that way I know i have all of the parts that I need and it would be a lot easier to install. Thanks
  14. FS: 6G72 TB w/ pigtails, EGR Valve, EGR tube and 6G74 upper alternator and PS bracket

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    Here are some parts I have in the garage. Price listed includes shipping anywhere in the US. I have sold a few things on Club3g, here is a link to my feedback. Description: 6G72 Throttle body with TPS and IAC...
  15. TSI extreme turbo kit for V6? Bad or good?

    Parts Reviews & Opinions
    I know I am either not searching far enough or maybe not reading enough but either way if I may can any of you guys out there who has tried this TSI extreme turbo kits varified if this brand actually does come with quality parts and runs well with major parts that is required. I'm thinking of...
  16. FS: 6G72 / 6G74 cams - perfect for regrind

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    I bought these cams back in May 2010 from this thread. My intention was to get my brother to do a bit of a N/A build with his 2000 GT, and I was going to get these cams reground by Delta Cam. My brother elected not to go that far with the car, and sold it earlier this year, so these have just...
  17. new eclipse in central pa

    New Members Forum
    00 eclipse with a shit ton of miles 172xxx..6g72 automatic:noway: i bought 18"icon wheels and new firestone 225/45 custom catback 3" exhaust gutted cat kyb agx tein stech rear camber kit ngk plugs and wires car came painted red and looked like shit so redid everything...i know everything...
  18. Major hesitation and power loss. When you go full throttle the motor bogs

    Problem Reports
    I have a chrysler Sebring LXi, 2001. Its has a 3.0L V6. It is the same as the 2001 eclipse gt 3.0. I have done everything possible to get this car fixed. I have no engine light but yet the car has no power. I water locked my motor a year ago and it has been giving me the same problem ever since...
  19. Timing belt job, problems/questions

    Problem Reports
    Hello everyone, I'm a longtime wrench-spinner, new Eclipse owner- just bought a 2002 GT (6g72 v6 & manual trans) with 130,000 miles on it Of course with that mileage I knew I had to do the timing belt ASAP; I've done timing belt jobs before, but never on this engine. These forums helped a lot...
  20. FS: 3.0 V6 - 24 Valve Motor, 5 speed Tranny, and axles! 3G Eclipse - 6G72

    South Central
    I have a perfect condition 3.0 V6 - 24 Valve Engine (6G72) with 122,000 original miles and 5 speed manual Transmission from my 2003 Mitsubish Eclipse GTS. This is the stock engine and stock tranny. There is nothing wrong w/ this engine or transmission at all. Has not been blown, has had oil...