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  1. 3g Eclipse engine swap

    3G Eclipse General Discussion
    I'm thinking about swapping the 3.0L v6 engine in my 3g eclipes with a 6g75 3.8L v6. Does anyone know if itll fit or what I'll have to do to make it fit?
  2. 3.8 Mivec question

    Eclipse Performance
    To start, it's really late and i'm extremely tired. So I've purchased an amazing project from 3g_bishi. He has already done some amazing work and sold me a functioning 3.8 swap eclipse so I cheated my way out of a lot of very hard work. Look him up. Find his swap. Recognize awesomeness. My...
  3. 3.8 for sale with Trans $900

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    Hey guys Ive been wanting to leave the 3g world for a while, but its hard so im finally letting go... For Sale is my 3.8 with about 69k miles on it, less than 10k on timing belt and accessories, This also includes the Manual transmission with spec stage 2 clutch and fidanza 9lb flywheel and A...
  4. 2003 Eclipse GT - 3.8L 6G75 MIVEC

    Members Rides
    Figured it has been a long time so I would put together a quick project thread over here. I have been getting asked about this by so many people and have been getting tons of positive feedback about it. In 2014 I began the big project of converting from the stock 3.0L 6G72 engine to the 3.8L...
  5. FS: new aftermarket parts lsd, short shifter, flywheel , custom gauge pods, etc

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    Hello everyone, I am selling some parts that I am currently not needing. Everything is ready to be shipped. Quaife lsd differential brand new $750 shipped. I also have a brand new speedo gear and bearing required for the install straight from mitsubishi for $60 for both. If you buy the lsd i...
  6. Engine Weight Comparison: Actual weights

    3G Eclipse GT/GTS Specific
    Seeing that I had a 72, 74 and 75 all in pieces ready to go to scrap I got out the Silvertune family scale and took some measurements to we can put some rumors to rest once and for all. Just a standard bathroom scale... So it ain't real precise but it does the job for comparison's sake...
  7. Catback Question

    New Members Forum
    Hello, everyone, I'm new here. I recently bought an 03 Eclipse GTS 5spd and I plan to engine swap in the future to a 6g75 MIVEC. So, would have a better variety of cat backs to buy once I engine swap than I would with my current stock engine? Because I really would like to get some performance...
  8. OEM Cam Specifications

    3G Eclipse GT/GTS Specific
    Below is the current and accurate data on the 6g72, 6g74, and 6g75 Non-MIVEC OEM Camshafts. 6g72 Camshafts (Galant & Eclipse GT Model) Intake Opens (BTDC) 15* Intake Closes (ABDC) 53* Exhaust Opens (BBDC) 53* Exhaust Closes (ATDC) 15* 248* Intake Valve Duration 248* Exhaust Valve Duration...
  9. M-Rod's 6G75 Galant GTZ

    Members Rides
    Since spending a little more time over here recently, I figure I'll add my car to the Members Ride section. I hope to be able to contribute as well as learn from the community to further push progress on this platform. Current Mod List: Engine 3.5L 6G74 - awaiting build ARP Main Studs...
  10. 6G72 Block and 6G75 Heads?!?

    Eclipse Performance
    well as you can probably tell from the Username I Have a 1997 Chrysler Sebring with the 6G73 and I hope this is the right place to post this, kinda new to this, what I'm looking at as of this point from the information I've gathered i want to do the common 6g72 swap on my car, as opposed to the...
  11. Codeman's 03 3G Gt

    Members Rides
    2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse Gt. December 2008 COTM. Picked up Sep 11, 07. Engine 6g75 (3.8L) Ripp Modifications Supercharger Vortech V3 Blower Vortech Maxflow Racing Bypass Valve Custom Draw-thru Maf Piping Diamante 3.5L 65mm TB NGK Iridium IX Spark Plugs NGK Premium Class...