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a/c compressor

  1. A/C Issue 2002 Eclipse GS

    Problem Reports
    My A/C when Idle blows Hot air but when RPMs are over 1500 it starts to cool down not moving (Gets down to 40F). Things i Have Done and Replaced are as followed Tested Static PSI @ 90, Replaced the Condenser due to the lower fins being damaged. Re-charged A/C Low Side wont drop below 100 PSI...
  2. Problems with my Eclipse

    Problem Reports
    I am having problems with my 2002 Eclipse GS. I noticed that my compressor is working because i could hear the noise whenever i turn on the AC. However, the AC clutch turns on and off like every three seconds.... i tried recharging the freon by putting an entire can from Auto Zone. but no...
  3. Need Help Changing A/C Compressor

    Problem Reports
    I've searched this site and have found no How to: on this subject. I have a 2001 Eclipse GT 3.0L V6. I've read and done everything in the maintenance section on A/C charging and such I just haven't checked the relay for the compressor...but I am never that lucky for it to be a simple fix! So...
  4. A/C compressor compitability

    3G Eclipse GT/GTS Specific
    My A/C compressor quit on my 6 cyl Eclipse, I found a used compressor for like 80 bucks but it came out of a 4cyl Eclipse. I HAVE SEARCHED, I do not see anything particularly answering this question.