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  1. A/C Issue 2002 Eclipse GS

    Problem Reports
    My A/C when Idle blows Hot air but when RPMs are over 1500 it starts to cool down not moving (Gets down to 40F). Things i Have Done and Replaced are as followed Tested Static PSI @ 90, Replaced the Condenser due to the lower fins being damaged. Re-charged A/C Low Side wont drop below 100 PSI...
  2. Radiator fan runs constantly

    Problem Reports
    I have a 01 eclipse gt 3.0 5 speed im having issue after issue. So i realize today my radiator fan runs from about 5 seconds after i start my car until i shut it off. My car will get hot if i leave it running while im in the gas station not ridiculous but about 3/4 and soon as i start...
  3. Unknown A/C plug

    New Members Forum
    This is a plug that is causing my A/C not to work. A while back i recharged my A/C and noticed that the wire on this plug was broken, and so it wasnt kicking on. So i was able to solder the small piece of wire that was left, to the other wire. But my A/C stopped working again, so i went and...
  4. front end passenger side loud vibration when i turn left

    Problem Reports
    Alright, so i did some research on here and a few general searches on google, but i can't find anyone with the same problem that I'm having. So here's the problem: when I'm driving and i have the ac on, its fine, but as soon as i turn left or coast left or even if i hit some rough road on the...
  5. 2000 GT Manual 137000 miles A/C Compressor Pinout question

    New Members Forum
    I asked this in problem reports, and don't seem to have much traction but was wondering what the pinouts are for the compressor when it is a 3 pin compressor. Mostly which pin I need to apply power to to check the magnetic clutch. I'd also like, if possible, the work needed to rewire a 4 pin...
  6. 2000 GT Manual 137000 miles A/C Compressor question

    Problem Reports
    I know the FSM says to roll under the car and energize the pin the compressor uses to the battery, to test the compressor, but can I also jump pins 4 and 5 of the A/C relay to see if it works as a shortcut, or is there another way? I have searched, and nothing comes up easily in the 10 or so...
  7. 2000 GT Manual 137000 miles High Pressure A/C Line to Condensor question

    Problem Reports
    So my Mitsu is a 2000 GT with a leak in the AC system, the bolt for the high pressure to condensor broke off so I had to drill it out and rethread it. I replaced the o-ring but it is still leaking, so I was wondering what the size was of the orginal. I thought I had used the same size but want...
  8. Air Conditioning: Cold only at High RPMs

    Problem Reports
    I only found one post about this and the replies were all over the place. I was hoping to get a more uniform and direct answer. Here's a list that might make the problem easier to diagnose. -My 02' GT will only blow cold air at high RPM's (around 3800). -At idle, I turn on the a/c...
  9. A/C Compressor not turning on.

    Problem Reports
    Turned on the A/C on my 2001 Spyder GS and it blows hot air. Popped the hood and see that the compressor clutch is not engaged. Shorted clutch connector to battery and it engages. Removed the clutch relay, shorted to battery from there and the clutch engaged so the wire is good. Cranked up...
  10. a/c fan control switch melted

    Problem Reports
    My car: 03 GTS My problem: fan control switch for the a/c and heat shorted and melted the dial and wire plug need help because its still in below freezing weather and cant drive with frosted windows and no heat My question: 1. Is there any way to safely turn on the a/c and heat with out the...
  11. A/C Flashing Light Fix

    Problem Reports
    So I found myself boiling in Phoenix, AZ, where it's 106 easy during the day, and my cars A/C was giving me hassle. It would work fine when the car was cold and it was sub 80 out, so it was temperature variable. Spent a lot of time checking things you'd expect: belt, hi pressure switch, freon...
  12. Drivers Side LEAKS BADLY HELP!!!!!!

    New Members Forum
    i dont really know what the hell is going on, i thought it was the top that was leaking from my 03 GTS spyder but its not.... i went out of my way to find the problem and it turns out that it was my A/C. Every time i turn on my A/C there is like an effing lake on my drivers side and its a...
  13. A/C & Heater Problems

    Problem Reports
    I've noticed that while driving the A/C in my 01 GT Spyder blows pretty cold but when I am stopped at a stop light it blows warm. Any suggestions as to what the problem may be??? Also, I don't know if this is related by the heater does not blow very warm air 95% of the time but the other 5% it...
  14. Need Help Changing A/C Compressor

    Problem Reports
    I've searched this site and have found no How to: on this subject. I have a 2001 Eclipse GT 3.0L V6. I've read and done everything in the maintenance section on A/C charging and such I just haven't checked the relay for the compressor...but I am never that lucky for it to be a simple fix! So...
  15. AC only blows cold when the car is moving

    Problem Reports
    Moved to problem reports. Moderator can you please delete this. thanks,
  16. quick questions

    3G Eclipse General Discussion
    before i go buying. does anybody know FOR SURE if an AC compressor from a GS will fit on a GT?