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    Hi, so I randomly started having pretty mild shaking start in my car. I have a 2003 Mistubishi Eclipse GS, right around 108k miles. I just had my wheels rotated, balanced and air pressure checked so they're good. My car has a *very minor* pull to the right. When I got the tires rotated, I was...
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    02 GT Manual 102884 miles no mods The issue I am having generally happens in first gear going from a dead stop. I start to accelerate and it starts out well enough then acts like I've let off the accelerator pedal then picks back up with a jump. The clutch is all the way out before this...
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    So I have an 03 Spyder Eclipse GS and when the car is sitting at Idle the car is fine. It sits between 600 rpms and 800 rpms. When I put it in drive and I am holding the brake it is fine but when I press the gas it shakes bad!!! I can go 5 mph or 25mph it shakes the same. But when I stop it...
1-3 of 3 Results