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  1. AEM EMS for 2000-2001 Eclipse V6s

    Hello all, Im sure your all aware of what I just went through. I bought one of Gregs AEM EMS setups for this 2000 V6 Eclipse I'm working on. Needless to say, nothing went smoothly and it took me all spring, summer and fall to get it right. I give Greg credit for 90 percent of the kit...
  2. V6 AEM EMS

    read the last post :( Mitsubishi EVO IX & Eclipse V6 EMS
  3. Aem Ems GT/GTS

    does this mean we might be able to use aem ems finally,16622.15.html
  4. AEM EMS works!

    Well I finally got my car back after being in the shop for 18 weeks waiting to get my AEM EMS installed. As some of you may have read there was a problem with the cam and crank sensors synching up and causing all sorts of problems with the triggering. After getting in touch with AEM the shop...
  5. AEM EMS

    I keep hearing people talk about the Aem system....I have checked into this like 3x for our cars...and while there is a PRODUCT number for this, they never finished production of it because they could not get it to work with the sporttronic if i am wrong and someone actually has...