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  1. Rough Idle/Dying 2001 Eclipse GT

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    I bought a 2001 GT Sportronic a couple months ago. The owner said the amplifier had been water damaged so they removed it and threw it away. After having the car for a couple weeks I noticed when I was stopped at a red light and running the ac, the car would idle really rough and sometimes even...
  2. AC Expansion Valve

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    I was working on my AC system, and the two bolts/screws holding the Expansion Valve to the evaporator looked a bit corroded; when I tried removing the two bolts/screws the heads stripped. Does anyone know of a way to get those bolts/screws out without dropping the engine, drilling, and using a...
  3. After replacement: A/C and fan problems

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    Hi, I have two little problems, but maybe someone has an idea: After an accident many parts were replaced. My first problem: Now the fans run permanently on the highest level. Already when the ignition is switched on, they turn up immediately. The following parts were replaced / renewed...
  4. Need help with 2000 Eclipse GT fuel pump

    Problem Reports
    Recently I had a problem where my engine was turning off randomly while driving. There was no noise or warning it would just suddenly be off. The first few times it turned on without a problem. After a while it wouldn't turn on anymore. After some investigation it turned out that the fuel...
  5. Radiator Fans not kicking on

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    Hello, first off... I have a 2000 Eclipse gt with 114,xxx miles. This morning I was in a drive thru just at idle, and my temp. gauge spiked into the red. I went home and checked all fluids and what not and everything was fine. The fans for the radiator are not kicking on, so I replaced the...
  6. Help!!! strange eclipse gt problems

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    2000 gt sporty 80k miles hello everyone, my 2000 gt has a couple weird problems. FIRST At idle the car makes a puh noise... it does it like 1 time per second,for about 10 seconds and is very rhythmic, then it starts doing it faster kinda like a drum roll, then the idle drops to around...
  7. A/C & Heater Problems

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    I've noticed that while driving the A/C in my 01 GT Spyder blows pretty cold but when I am stopped at a stop light it blows warm. Any suggestions as to what the problem may be??? Also, I don't know if this is related by the heater does not blow very warm air 95% of the time but the other 5% it...
  8. Air Conditioning problem

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    Hi! I have a problem with the Air Conditioning on my car.. its kinda weird. So when I drive the car hot air comes out of the air vents really, really hot air :o and the AC is off not on, and when I stop on a red light or stop sign the hot air stops coming out. The hot air only comes out of the...
  9. A/C Problem in an 01 GS spyder

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    Ok this is an old problem that I had not paid attention to, but with thid 105 degree weather . Its a must. Not im no n00b to cars, I was able to change my timing belt in my eclipse and done engine swaps however, AC systems.. i have never touched.. The problem happened when I tried to refill...
  10. AC only blows cold when the car is moving

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    Moved to problem reports. Moderator can you please delete this. thanks,