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  1. Problem Reports
    Okay, i have a 01 gt i got it on trade, and have done tons of work to the car. Put new tires on i think 215/55r17. They are a little bigger then stock by what im reading. The driver side radiator support is pushed in maybe 1/2 to 3/4 inch head light and fender doesnt align well hood shuts hard...
  2. Problem Reports
    Ok I just put 17x9 +38 work cr kawami on my car, the driver side fits perfect, but the passenger front tire sticks out alittle under 1/8 in from the fender, I can't figure out why, I need an alignment but idk if that cause it, also the camber plates on the top of my ball joints are adjusted the...
  3. Problem Reports
    bought a wrecked 3g...rear sway bar? Ok so i bought a 3g that was wrecked pretty badly in the rear. The sub frame was bent so i go to the junk yard and pull one off a GT (mine is gs). The one i removed for some reason or another had no sway bar nor does it had a spot for the sway bar to bolt...
1-3 of 4 Results