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  1. 2011 Juke Battery and brake light on

    Problem Reports
    I have 2011 Nissan Juke. I recently had an after market radio installed. There was no rewiring done harnesses were used for the install. After the install the next day my battery and brake light came on and I immediately lost power and the battery was gone. I took it back to the company who...
  2. eclipse upgrades, 180a alt, 3000w audio, 2/0 awg big 3 10ga led wire harness, COPPER

    Car Audio and Electronics
    been working on this non stop for months as i'm in the process of losing my home and soon wont have a place to tinker on my car finished my 3000w kicker system, removed all the CCA and replaced it with 1/0 pure copper welding cable from battery to amps, what a difference...
  3. new alternator & battery not charging - SOLVED cluster bulb!!!

    Problem Reports
    only took me a week to figure it out new battery new starter new alternator 10 days ago my car died, even though i had a new batt & new starter less then 1 month old, so i figured time to replace alternator since the fusible link was good, well i replaced alternator and the battery would not...
  4. alternator help!!!

    New Members Forum
    I have problem with the alternator charging the battery. I've been through 2 alternators already had this one in car, pulled it out and had it bench tested. Passed all the tests threw it back in. And check for charging nothing. I all ready disconnected all harness cables in engine bay checked...
  5. New battery dieing? Alternator Problem? Bad battery?

    Problem Reports
    I have a 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS, on the 2.4L engine. I recently just replaced my starter and my battery about a month ago. Now I'm having a problem with my battery dying. This problem does not occur often (about once a week), I would drive somewhere, go back to start my car and there is no...
  6. Help with Alternator wiring order colors

    Problem Reports
    So i had a rust issue in my 4 prong connector for my alt and had to cut the wires and make a new plug, well not a new plug more like a set of 4 wires and female connectors... but still the piece of paper I wrote the wire order on has disappeared... can anyone help me with the wire color pattern...
  7. Battery not charging

    Problem Reports
    Hello, I have an '03 eclipse, and I am having some electrical problems that I can't figure out. I noticed that my headlights and dash lights were flickering (getting dimmer and brighter). I went to autozone, and they said my battery wasn't being charged. Also, they said that the alternator was...
  8. alternator???

    3G Eclipse RS/GS Specific
    the alternator on my 2000 gs just went yesterday. i bought a reman only to find out i had a 2 pin volt regulator. thinking the parts house gave me the wrong one i went back with the alternator that i took out of my car and no one can find this type of alternator. after an exhaustive internet...
  9. 6g74 swap problems

    Problem Reports
    ok so i have a 2003 3G and did a 1997 6G74 swap, i had no problems with the swap and got it running and everything, but now its running shitty ( never did run perfect) and ever since i did the swap my alternator wont come on. I replaced the alternator and still nothing, not the fuse either. in...
  10. 2002 Eclipse Alternator Removal

    Problem Reports
    Hello everybody, So im currently in the process of removing the alternator from my 2002 Eclipse 4 cylinder, but im stuck on the last bolt. It has a square head and I was able to pull it out by wiggling the alternator(after removing other bolts and disconnecting it), however, the side panel...
  11. Battery terminals and wiring

    New Members Forum
    Hi everyone I'm new to the site but have done a lot of reading of older posts over the last few years and now I find myself with some questions. I was reading up on replacing my battery to alternator and 2 main ground wires with 0 gauge wire in the form of this kit to help my car keep up with...
  12. WTB: 3g Alternator & Power Steering Pump

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    I'm looking for a used/new alternator and power steering pump for the 3g GT. My alternator was kind enough to crap out on me at random, and since i'm doing other engine work, figured I may as well replace the p.s. pump too. If you've got one you don't need, shoot me a p.m. :yesway:
  13. Replacing Alternator

    Problem Reports
    Hi all, I've been searching around and couldn't find a post about this already, but may have missed it. I'm replacing the alternator on my car but can't figure out if there is a tension arm or not. one place i'm reading says there is and another says no. Can someone tell me for sure on a V6...