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  1. 4g64 auto transmission will it hold up too boost?

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    so I'm currently building a automatic 4g64 eclipse planning on running 15 psi or so with a power goal of 250-300 my question is what trans is best! build kits for current trans or can I use a 2nd gen auto trans or do just have to swap a manual in to hold 300 plus down the road im sure someone...
  2. 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse 2.4L help.

    3G Eclipse General Discussion
    Hey everyone. I want to modify my 2.4L Eclipse but I don't know where to start. I don't want to just put an exhaust on it and do just that. I want to get some horsepower out of it and tune it right, if anyone can help please let me know. I should also add I'm not sure what the sub model is, I...
  3. Transmission help :(

    Problem Reports
    Hi, first time poster and long time lurker! Sadly my first post is one based of trouble. I have a 2003 Spyder GTS with the Automatic. She currently just hit 150k. I drove her home from work last night and everything was fine, nothing odd. Went back to her this morning to go to work and...
  4. Need help! Famous P0421 code. 2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse 2.4l

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    I've had the code for about a year now. Car has 160k miles on and here recently I've done some research about it. It could be the Catalytic converter, O2 sensor, or a fouled sparkplug. The car doesn't have a miss, an when I turn the CEL off the code comes back up after about 15 minutes. I've...
  5. Squealing Noise Above 3500 RPM

    Problem Reports
    Hello everyone! I have had a problem ever since i got my 2001 Eclipse Spyder GT automatic (I know "eww an auto", I hate it too :P) over a year ago. Whenever I am accelerating above 3500 RPM the car makes a squealing sound almost like a turbo. It only happens under load, it doesn't happen in...
  6. Good morning. Here's my rolling "dumpster".

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    Hello everybody. My name is Ivan. And I own an almost dead 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT. The story how I got this car is pretty sad, and i'm not proud of it, but here it is: First car i got was 2012 Eclipse GS Sport, nice and clean, 20K miles, injen short ram. I was driving it for 17 days and...
  7. 911!! Transmission just blew an hour ago!!

    Problem Reports
    :sweat::(:facepalm::noplease::dunno::rant2: I saw this coming.. i cant even get mad. 2001 Automatic 3.0 GT Spyder. All stock. Bought the car 6 months ago. wasnt taken care of. been giving it all the love I can. I cant tell if it slippin or slamming, but ever since i got it, the thing gets ugly...
  8. Turbo or Supercharge 2000 GS Auto

    Hi, I'm new to this, and I want some clear reasons to either Turbocharge or Supercharge my 2000 GS Automatic Eclipse. Either put a link to other posts or tell me straight up on here. I'm mostly looking for Pros and Cons, and what I should do. Anything else like lists or part recommendations is...
  9. [WTB] TCM

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    I'm looking to buy a used Automatic Transmission Control Module and an A/T Control Relay for a 2.4L I4. Pm if you have any/both of these please.
  10. locating transmission return and supply lines

    1G/2G Eclipse General Discussion
    Greetings, I want to flush my transmission but it seems my Haines book does not show the return and supply lines. Can someone post a pic or direct me to a website that shows a visual. (The vehicle is 1999, RS, non-turbo.) Thanks!
  11. My Black 2001 GS

    New Members Forum
    Hello Club3g! I am a new member and thought I'd start with a "new member" post of my car. It's a Black 2001 Eclipse GS with an automatic tranny (lame, I know). I bought this car off my brother about a year ago. To start things off, I am a broke ass high school senior with minimal funds for...
  12. Car stalled while driving. runs but dont move

    Problem Reports
    My car stalled on the interstate. i have at 2000 eclipse gs 2.4 a/t. 152k. car still starts up. never had a problem with the transmission. heres wat i checked. fluid level is good. shift cable is still connected and operating. no check engine light on. My "N" light is not flashing. when i put...
  13. air intake help?

    New Members Forum
    hey everyone. i have a 2003 GS 2.4L automatic, all stock. I'd like to get the ball rolling and start things off with a cold air intake, and i've looked at a few online, but i want to make sure i get the right one. could anybody help me out and lemme know which one is BEST for my ride? much...
  14. Prothane Motor Mounts 2.4L L4 Auto

    Problem Reports
    I have searched the forum for this and did not find it. So I'll ask. I have a 2003 Eclipse 2.4L L4 Automatic. All 4 motor mounts are torn (actually the 2nd time this is happened). I have looked at putting in new Prothane motor mounts, but they only make mount add-ons for the manual...
  15. How to drive Auto/Manual?

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    Hello, I searched the 3g forum and couldn't find anything about this topic, so i started a new tread. Sorry, i'm a newbie... My question is: How do you drive the Auto/Manual transmission? At what RPM should i shift, downshift? AND: what's the official name for it? :dunno: I heard people call...

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    Hi 3g :) im new here but im posting up my eclipse for sale... 2005 GT model! It's white. Only 43,000 miles.. minor dent on the passenger door side skirt but it doesn't affect the door at all. Semi large scratch on the back bumper.. all there when I bought it. Automatic transmission and it runs...
  17. djhyperio's 3G Eclipse GS

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    What up everyone?! I'm new here, and just wanted to show what I got in my car. I'm also new to modifiying cars so please gimme suggestions and advice. I really need it, especially cause I got an automatic. I bought my Eclipse about half a year ago, full stock. It is an 04 2.4L GS At. My...
  18. FI on a Sportronic

    Hello fellas and galls, i just had a question i have been looking at getting a FI setup for my gt but i have always wondered how well is a FI setup going to work if i have a sprotronic. Please go esay as i am a FI newb i dont know to much about it yet but im looking to get an actually turbo...