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  1. 3G Eclipse GT/GTS Specific
    Hello! I’m currently in the process of doing a manual swap on my 01 sporty GT. I have most of the parts I need: Transmission Slave Cyl/plumbing Brake/Clutch pedals Shifter/shift cables Clutch/pressure plate/flywheel (on the way) I’ve read that I’ll need a passenger side axle, but in my research...
  2. Problem Reports
    YEAR: 2001 SUBMODEL:GT TRANSMISSION: Manual MILES: 135,000 PROBLEM: Ive searched but found no answer. I recently had both my driver and passenger axles replaced within this month. when my passenger went bad my car shook terribly and once i got that replaced it ran smooth. and now this past...
  3. Problem Reports
    While driving today my 02 GT all of a sudden went into free rolling state. The gear was engaged but pressing the gas pedal just changed the rev meter. Also, the check engine light came on. I checked the trans found and it was the right level. One of the front axle was making noises on turns fro...
  4. Problem Reports
    I bought my 3G GT not even a year ago and the old owner had the car lowered. Since then i've been wasting my money fixing a ton of mechanical issues with the car. First of all I broke an axle and they tried telling me it was the tranny that went out on me, so i told the dealership to replace the...
  5. 3G Eclipse General Discussion
    I was looking on and saw that they have the auto axles with ABS, and the 5-speed axle sold as the same thing. I was looking at the 2001 2.4 engine. Can anyone confirm this? It would be really nice if people doing the swap could use the ABS axles :twothumb:
1-5 of 5 Results