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  1. Just replaced spark plugs and now there's problems

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    Well to start off I'm fairly new to fixing up cars. My engine was misfiring under load and accelerating and having a rough idle. So me and buddy of mine pulled off the plenum and changed all my spark plugs and spark plug wires, we also replaced the EGR control vacuum control cause one of tubes...
  2. Humungous misfire makes car un-drivable. Any idea?

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    So I have been searching and searching and cannot find anyone with a similar problem. Seems like most people have a small misfire at idle or have a small misfire while driving and throw a P0300. This is not the case for me... My car is a 2000 GT (3.0L obviously) with ~145k on it. It's also a...
  3. 03 GT Skipping cylinders and backfiring

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    Hey guys, hoping you can help. I'm running out of things to try with my car and i need to get it fixed fast since I drive 1.25hrs to work everyday and my gf is tired of not having a car. I'll try and keep it somewhat short but I want to give a full detail of whats going on. I have spent a...
  4. backfire problem?

    now that i got the new valve for the bov, i'm getting up to around 8-9 psi according to my gauge. i just discovered a new problem. when ever i'm at wot and it goes to shift (automatic), sometimes i'll get a loud backfire. i noticed on my fuel/air gauge that very briefly (fraction of a second)...
  5. What's popping?

    Ok... here's another ET-true story for you! :) Picked the car up earlier today :woot: and what can I say... feels great! ... with a lot of quirks. Turbo/FMIC. Drive is normal, considering I'm missing both post-cat o2 sensors. But after driving an hour or so in straightaway traffic, I noticed 2...