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belt slip

  1. Help with belt slipping

    I resently rebuilt my engine and am running ripps overdrive crank pulley and the smaller shaft pulley. I think it's supposed to run around 15-18psi. I'm been slowly allowing the engine to run more boost now that it's starting to get around 1,200 miles on the engine. I'm finding that it starts to...
  2. 18psi RIPP stage 3???

    Is anyone actually hitting 18 psi? The highest I have herd anyone getting up to is 15. Then the belt gets loose and back down you go.
  3. RIPP article on belt slip for the SDS

    Here is some info on the belt slip fix that is on my car now. I can't wait !!!
  4. Boost on a Stage 2 RIPP Setup

    If you are running a Stage 2 setup with RIPP headers, what are you maxing out at in boost? Please post-up. I hit a wall at 10.5 psi - :confused: I had a problem with the belt not being tight enough and slipping. I fixed that and have the belt extremely tight. That got me from around 6.1 up to...