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  1. replaced the timing belt, now I have a horrible clatter.

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    ok, I just replaced my timing belt, tensioner, pump, etc. got it all put together, it started beautifully, now I've got a horrible clatter. it goes away at about 1500 rpm. I ran it for 2 or 3 minutes, but got worried, so I shut it down. I did some searching here, I found a few references, but no...
  2. Please HELP!! loud tick/knock from front of motor?

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    hey guys, i searched around but didnt find any real answers... i have a 03 GTS 3.0 spyder... i had the timing belt changed about a month ago. used rock auto parts new waterpump and tensioner as well... last night i started my car and the rpms dropped to 4 or 500 and the check engine through a...
  3. Belt squealing / size issues

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    I have read tons of belt squealing threads but would like some input specifically on my issue. I have a 2003 Eclipse GS 2.4 and the ac/ps belt squeals only on cold starts, warm starts are silent. A few months ago my alternator belt broke and left me stuck on the side of the road. I only bought...
  4. Vibrations, Weird Sounds, Etc.

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    First time posting here so I'm hoping this is the right place... In January my car slid into a sidewalk at about 5mph. Busted my rim. Had the rim replaced. Since then I've had a little bit of play in the steering, some vibration, and a whaa whaa whaa sound when turn which is dominant in left...
  5. How far can I push my timing belt?

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    YES, I know this is a HORRIBLE thing to do and as a car owner, I should be SHOT for doing it, but right now I just can't afford a $350 maintenance bill. Year: 2003 Model line: GS Trans: Automatic-Sportronic crap Miles: 130,350 I bought it with 125,000 miles on it, and the lady that owned it...
  6. New SDS Ultra Grip Pulley's (Development Stage)

    Alright, I know many of the SDS owners will have the same issue. BELT SLIP! It has been a known demon with the SDS system for the last few years the system has been out. Nothing really fixed it. Like the RIPP tensioner system, which does not really work as well as they state it does. So I am...
  7. Belt Broke on stage 1 SDS

    Thought i had it all figured out and beat then when trying to break the SDS in belt broke. Is this common? what Causes it? and what belts have you guys had success with?