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  1. Group Buys
    I am looking to see if there are any interest in people buying an 0 gauge big 3 upgrade kit for the 3G Eclipse GT models. I am willing to make, sell, and ship them if there is enough interest. If there is I will build one and post pictures of what you would be buying and the cost of the...
  2. Electronics
    Finally got around to doing my Big 3 upgrade yesterday. I really only did it because I wanted to, there was nothing wrong with the wires, my sound system or electrical performance. Now that it is done I do notice that my car starts faster, the windows move faster, max A/C has less of a drain on...
  3. Car Audio and Electronics
    I am updateing the first post as things have changed since I originally made this tread. I am going to kind of make it an Audio/Electrical system build thread since I am upgrading everything. Here we go: Right now I am in the middle of building a custom corner sub and emp enclosure for my trunk...
1-3 of 3 Results