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blow up

  1. ! I burnt up the rings, goodbye sds

    Well, it happened. The rings dug into the sides of my cylinder walls and I finally blew them. I'm tired of messing with everything on my car. Think it's time to sell the 20+ psi supercharge system. Looks like I'll be swapping out a 3.5 into it instead. Hope I'm happy with it. What a sad day...
  2. Somthing blown??

    Heres the scenario... I was on the highway and was trying to pass a car...first I got a GT with a t3/t4 turbo, front mount anyways..I boot my car in thrid on the highway, and boom, a cloud of blacj smoke out of my exhaust and then lose of power. Now the car is running, but is...
  3. SDS stage 2 + tearstone short block

    i was wondering if this combo would be an ideal route for gt/gts owners with high mileage engines and would want to boost reliably? Also if installed properly and tuned properly does it almost have no chances of blowing up due to a lower compression (8:8:1)