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blown motor

  1. Matt's blown GTS - Crow's old car (pun intended!)

    So as many of you are aware, Crow sold his car a few weeks back. A guy named Matt ended up purchasing his heavily modified GTS and then unfortunately blew the engine up a few hours later. From talking to Matt on the phone, what he described to me sounded like he had spun a bearing and was...
  2. Parade of 6G72 Destruction

    Post up everything you've broken due to Forced Induction or Nitrous in your 6G72 :woot: This is an engine that was donated to me about 3 years ago from a guy that blew it on a 75 shot of direct nitrous OrlandoGT's engine, blown on 20psi and then some. Rulez's engien, blown on 8psi...
  3. After nearly 40k, it happened

    Last night after work I was driving on the highway towards my house, and I saw a white Evo ahead. I stepped on it a bit to catch up, and something didnt feel right. My car sounded like a WRX and it didnt have a lot of power. I was near my house and puttered home. When I got out and lifted the...
  4. SDS stage 2 + tearstone short block

    i was wondering if this combo would be an ideal route for gt/gts owners with high mileage engines and would want to boost reliably? Also if installed properly and tuned properly does it almost have no chances of blowing up due to a lower compression (8:8:1)