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  1. engine swap

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    Hey y'all new member. My engine in my 2000 eclipse just went on me. 4 cylinder non turbo nothing fancy except headers and air filter under the hood. A friend of mine suggested doing a swap with a 4g 6.3 96 eclipse engine. I know I'll have to do a new tranny and computer. But is there another...
  2. FS: 2000 V6 Eclipse W/ Blown Engine. Deltona, FL. Pickup only. $500 OBO.

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    Title Says it all... I hate to see it go, but I have to get rid of it. City keeps giving notices about fines... City ordinance: no inoperable or unregistered vehicles. IF you want it, and can get it towed. Let me know today, or it'll be gone. I would like to see it at least get used for parts...
  3. 911!! Transmission just blew an hour ago!!

    Problem Reports
    :sweat::(:facepalm::noplease::dunno::rant2: I saw this coming.. i cant even get mad. 2001 Automatic 3.0 GT Spyder. All stock. Bought the car 6 months ago. wasnt taken care of. been giving it all the love I can. I cant tell if it slippin or slamming, but ever since i got it, the thing gets ugly...
  4. ECU Fuse (#13) Keeps Blowing...

    Problem Reports
    :mecry2: So I went down to start my car after it had been sitting for about a week... It will turn over and over but wont kick. All the dash lights up, gauges are active, radio comes on, lights work, etc. But it wont kick over. I checked the fuses, it seems that the ECU (#13) keeps blowing...
  5. SDS shaft tunred into a mini lathe yesterday

    Waitng to hear back from ripp.. I was able to get the post back in but a few turns of the shaft and its out again..No mater what I dide or tried short of metal epoxy it just wont play nice... Pics of the prob.. Top view Bottom view Close zoom to show depth.