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  1. Upper left timing cover bolt size/length/thread 3.0L 2003 Eclipse

    3G Eclipse GT/GTS Specific
    I received my 2003 3.0L Eclipse without the upper left timing cover & bolts. I'm imagining the cover had to be taken off to put on the new valve cover gaskets on, done just before car given to me, and mechanic forgot to put cover back on. Anyway, I've had the car a little over a year, and just...
  2. Im stuck! lol- Reassembly issue/Looking for schematic

    New Members Forum
    Ok so first off, I know my dilemma is something i will forever learn from as I should of labeled everything, not just the beginning. Long story short, I've recently attempted to replace my valve cover gaskets and plugs/wires for my 03 gt which all in all went smoothly. However, im now at the...
  3. FS: 20 Used Tire Wheel Rim Lug Nuts Bolts

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    I have a set of 20 used lug nuts taken off a 2007 Eclipse. $18.00 for the whole thing. Never know when you need a spare or a couple...
  4. Strut tower bolts bent/angled wrong? Can't install strut bar correctly (Pics)

    Problem Reports
    Vehicle: 4G64 2001 Stratus Coupe SE Hello, I was installing a strut bar that I bought on c3g recently, but encountered a problem.. First, when removing the right OEM bracket, it was incredibly difficult to fit it over the two bolts.. the bolts spread away from each other. I managed to get the...
  5. how to torque header bolts?

    3G Eclipse RS/GS Specific
    I did a search but when typing in header and torque, all I come up with are results for power. In short, my car is in need of a smog check (California) and I need to swap my DC race headers out back to my stock for the check. I know the torque specs to each part already, but looking at the...