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  1. Im stuck! lol- Reassembly issue/Looking for schematic

    New Members Forum
    Ok so first off, I know my dilemma is something i will forever learn from as I should of labeled everything, not just the beginning. Long story short, I've recently attempted to replace my valve cover gaskets and plugs/wires for my 03 gt which all in all went smoothly. However, im now at the...
  2. FS: 20 Used Tire Wheel Rim Lug Nuts Bolts

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    I have a set of 20 used lug nuts taken off a 2007 Eclipse. $18.00 for the whole thing. Never know when you need a spare or a couple...
  3. Strut tower bolts bent/angled wrong? Can't install strut bar correctly (Pics)

    Problem Reports
    Vehicle: 4G64 2001 Stratus Coupe SE Hello, I was installing a strut bar that I bought on c3g recently, but encountered a problem.. First, when removing the right OEM bracket, it was incredibly difficult to fit it over the two bolts.. the bolts spread away from each other. I managed to get the...
  4. how to torque header bolts?

    3G Eclipse RS/GS Specific
    I did a search but when typing in header and torque, all I come up with are results for power. In short, my car is in need of a smog check (California) and I need to swap my DC race headers out back to my stock for the check. I know the torque specs to each part already, but looking at the...