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brake booster

  1. Tapping brake booster with a Golden Eagle a bad idea?

    I'm going to install a Golden Eagle vacuum manifold this weekend on my car to eliminate all the "t's" I have currently, and I was planning on cutting the brake booster hose closer to the manifold so I don't hit the check valve in the hose. I am going to use the vac. manifold for my boost gauge...
  2. Power Brakes and boost

    If power brakes work under vaccum, what happens under boost?
  3. Vac tap for all sds acc.

    I am looking where to tap all the acc for the sds. I have 2 map sensors, BOV, FPR, and meth controller. Can ALL these be tap'd off the same line or do they need split up. What line do you recomend tapping, all to the fpr?