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  1. SP Performance Rotors & Pads

    New Members Forum
    Thanks for welcome guys. I picked up a 04 Eclipse as a daily for dirt cheap. Well, with dirt cheap comes minor issues that need to be addressed. I immediately decided to upgrade the rotors and pads on the car and I wanted to go with something a little more "performance" oriented because...
  2. Reman Brembos

    Anyone have experience with remanufactured brembos from parts stores? I'm currently looking into some second hand Evo brembos from Japan which are around $600 but these remanufactured ones seem like a deal since they're already rebuilt and stripped from paint. A set of remanufactured calipers...
  3. Terrible ride and shake in steering wheel

    Hello everyone, eclipse novice here, I have a terrible shake in my steering wheel when I brake, typically at any speed above 30mph. I bought my 2000 gt with 98k miles on it and have put almost 7k miles on it since june. I am not sure if the suspension or brakes had any recent work, (besides...
  4. Why do i have both drum and disc brakes on the rear?

    3G Eclipse General Discussion
    I was going to change my wheel bearings in my 2001 Mitubishi Eclipse GT and noticed i have both drum and disc brakes. Is their a reason for this?
  5. New and hoping to learn

    New Members Forum
    Simply put I am pretty new to both the world of cars and the forums dedicated to them. I got my 2001 GT eclipse about a 2 months ago, and after some initial buyers remorse due to some rash thinking, have begun to love my car more and more. I joined up because I am hoping to find knowledge here...
  6. Need help interpreting mess of dash lights, among other problems

    Problem Reports
    Hello, I have a 2003 eclipse GTS and lately I've been getting the brake and battery light flashing on together, and also the TCS and antilock lights. The lights kind of go on and off, seemingly at random, and usually go off when I slow down/stop the car. Other than the lights, everything seemed...
  7. High RPM at start and jerking forward.

    Problem Reports
    I'm having two big issues. I have an '01 GS 4 cylinder. When I leave it overnight and crank it in the morning, it revs at about 2500 - 3000 for 2-3 minutes until it warms up. Then it comes down to about 1000 and idles that way. And I'm off for commute to work. But that's not all. I have to...
  8. TONS of parts. (Tactrix, Turbos, Rear brake swap, Injectors,etc.)

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    Hey guys, I have sold my '02 eclipse turbo and found these parts while cleaning out my garage. My loss is your gain. Everything is OBO. Every sale is final and everything is sold as is. No refunds or exchanges. Best way to get in touch with me is email or PM as I'm not on here a lot anymore...
  9. Rotors and Brakes??

    need new rotors and brakes and instead of jst buying some regular shits i wanna get better 1's. i can't decide of which to get because the mechanic shop told me that rotors like these require alot of heat/speed or whatever he said, but yea if you guys have any opinions, options let me kno...i...
  10. Major Brake issues.....Help please

    Problem Reports
    I have a 2003 eclipse base model and its a five speed. I just replaced the enitre back drum system with new lines and hardware but now my e-brake is extremely loose. Before it would fully engage at half way, but now I have to pull it all the way in order for it to even beggin engaging. How do...
  11. WTB: manual shifter knob, complete 4 rotor brembo caliper swap, WW kit, and more

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    This is my first post as I have been creeping around this forum for about 2 weeks now. I just got my 01' spyder gs about 4 weeks ago and I am looking to upgrade the rotors+calipers (front and back) along with a nice intake (no eBay stuff). I am looking for something used to stay within my...
  12. FS. Evo Front caliper

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    Hi there guys, I have one brembo caliper for sale. I don’t really know much about this caliper. A buddy of mine about 2 years ago, drop this off at my house telling me that I can use it on my car. unfortunately I don’t want to go through the hassle of finding the other side. To be honest I...
  13. new R1 concept Rotors and pads but there squeaking???

    Problem Reports
    i jus replaced the rotors and pads and have done this a 100 times in diffrent cars and SUVs but with the new R1s i went with the cross drilled and slotted rotors but there is an awful squeak that came with them..... any thing that can help would be great thanks :scratch:
  14. noob maint/repair questions

    Problem Reports
    I have researched the following 2 issues in the garage, got the mitsu manual and know the procedures to fix them. That said I still have questions: 1. I was told by someone not to use a clamp to compress calipers when changing brake pads cause it will damage ABS system - is this true? 2...
  15. FS: BREMBO BIG BRAKE KIT!!! +Rotors Wheels and Tires

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    This is everything you need...Brembo Calipers all the way around including pads and pins, Drilled and Slotted performance rotors, Mila Miglia Italian wheels (some wear, overall good) and Pirelli tires (85-90%)with a fifth tire for a spare...$1500 for everything or $1000 for brake setup and $500...