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  1. 2G ecu into 3G

    Eclipse Performance
    Is it possible to put a 1997 eclipse turbo ecu into a 3g stock eclipse?
  2. 01 RS turbo help

    I have an 01 eclipse RS with stainless steel manifold back exhaust system, intake, Volvo performance piggyback, and a mishimoto radiator. I am buying this 1300 dollar turbo kit: DSM 3G 4g64 2 4L SOHC T04E T3 T3 T4 Turbo Kit with Turbonetics Turbo Charger T3 | eBay I am required to upgrade the...
  3. 2001 GS 2.4 build?

    New Members Forum
    Ok first and foremost if I'm posting in the wrong category or "tread" kill me I'm new to this. Now lets get started a little history on my behalf so far I've owned 5 eclipses 97-RS 98-GS 96-GST 01-GS/auto 01-GS/manual 2.4 which is what I'm currently driving. This is and will be my first...
  4. my 6g74 project almost underway

    3G Eclipse GT/GTS Specific
    Hey all im new to this site. I have a 2003 mitsubishi eclipse gts 5 speed. About to pull the trigger on a 2004 6g74 engine with 71k to totally break down and build. Going to be boring out to 94mm, getting the heads p&p'd also going to be getting the block, crankshaft and other parts cryo...
  5. Making a turbo or supercharger?

    New Members Forum
    Does anyone know if making a turbo or supercharger is reasonable enough to attempt or even possible? I may have someone who could machine it, however I would need schematics. Anyway, I'm poor and looking for a cheaper way than spending thousands on it. Sorry, im a noob on this type of thing...
  6. Experienced turbo installers

    New Members Forum
    Hi im andy im almost done saving money for all stuff i need to turbo my car and pay for installation. I dont doubt i would be able to do it myself with enough time and research but thats the thing i dont have the time and really dont wanna get into it. Im looking for someone to install a turbo...
  7. Power Adders on 2000 GT

    New Members Forum
    I have read through tons of threads and as soon as I think I've found the answer to my question the next thread suggests something different. Forgive me if I missed the thread with the info I needed. I'm looking to add between 50 to 150 WHP. My MAX budget would be 5K I don't have an imaginery...
  8. The path I've decided on (NOGAF warning)

    First of all, like the thread title states, this whole thread could be viewed by some to fall totally in the NOGAF bin - if that's the case, just move on :lol: For a while I've really been planning to do an all out N/A build on my car. I still think that it's possible with the right cams, P&P...
  9. OK...I think I have decided...need some final ?'s answered!

    Alright, so after tons of questions and tons of research, I believe I have decided on ripp mods stage 1 sds. With this, I will NOT be going to stage 2 or 3, I will be plenty happy with stage 1. I will get either a set of the newly redesigned CMF headers or RPW Headers and a Torque converter...
  10. Weighing options....need a question or 2 answered please!!!

    OK, this might be a noob question, but I have just been doing some thinking and weighing my options. Ever since dyno day last weekend and seeing all those turbo'ed cars, I been looking for more things to do. I had originally planned to go the bolt on route and do: -RPW 3-1 Long Tube Headers...
  11. Ryu, I thought you were "Ripp"ed?

    I thought you were ripped? :confused:
  12. Newest update on my car RUNS GREAT

    Unfortunately at the NAFI meet I was a little dissapointed in my car. Ross drove it down as most of you know from Staten Island to meet me and give it to me at the beach. It had some issues that we couldn't resolve on the spot. Long story short the car is running great at this time thanks again...
  13. Ease into boost?

    Right now my car is sitting in the shop awaiting the completion of my turbo kit. I rode up there today to check up on things and my tuner suggested that we put a 6 psi spring in at first, run it for a little bit, then come back and put the 10 psi spring that I had planned on back in after the...
  14. :Update on custom sds stage 2:

    Hey boys and girls I said I would keep everyone updated on my progress. Stage 2 is nearly complete, all that is needed now is tuning. Although the car wasnt completely ready since its running fairly rich to the point it misfires at times at wot in 3rd gear I decided to take it to the track...
  15. Donald Ely (aka AAI) 6G72 V6 Turbo Kit Pics

    Here are the pics that Tearstone was sending to folks of the Donald Ely (A.A.I) turbo kit: *EDIT* Pics taken down by request.
  16. im scared, need advice

    ok guys... im going to start my project tommorow. im going to finally order the stage 3 S/C from RIPP. im also going to get the stage 2 cams from RPW and the stage 1 upgraded throttle body. (last two probably coming later). does anyone have any advice or experience to share? how much should...
  17. New toys!

  18. Turbo question

    Hi. I have recently decided to start piecing together a turbo kit for my 2000 fed spec gt. I have a goal of around 320 to 350 whp and I was wondering if this turbo would be a good base...
  19. cheaper ripp setup

    I haven't really seen this discussed before, so I figured I would give it a shot and see what people thing. Everyone, when discussing the rippmods blower, seems to mainly have problems with 1) The high cost, 2) Using the black box, 3) Their warranty service, and 4) The headers. I'm sure everyone...
  20. Finally got to drive the car!!

    Well, since I broke the belt tensioner bolts, I headed to Hilton Head Island this weekend and just got back today (Tuesday), and I stopped my a Mitsubishi place that I had to order the new bolts for me. When I got home, I assembled everything, cranked the car, and saw that the belt was...