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  1. Show and Shine
    I am looking to replace the front bumper on my 2000 GS, but I'm just wondering, if I can't find another GS bumper that matches, would a GS or GTS bumper fit on my car? Or how about different 3G model years?
  2. Problem Reports
    Back in November, I lost control and went into a ditch sideways...I damaged nothing but my whole bumper assembly. Radiator and fenders are perfectly fine and took no damage at all THANK GOD!!!!! But my main question is...I have a 2000 Eclipse, will the redesigned front bumpers off of the...
  3. Problem Reports
    i have a 2000 eclipse gt. when i got it the front bumper was cracked and i planned on getting a new well about a week ago i hit a dog sized racoon at like 3 in the morning on my way home and it messed up my bumper even more. so finally i ordered a new bumper but instead of getting a 2000 bumper...
  4. 3G Eclipse General Discussion
    I have a 2000 GT and I want to switch to the newer style bumper. Is it hard to change the bumpers? Since they're stock do they just bolt on in the same holes as the one I have on the car now?
1-4 of 4 Results