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  1. good bolt ons?

    New Members Forum
    Hi I have owned my 3g for about a year and have been very unsuccessful at finding alot of good power adders. But the main thing I am looking for is stand alone ecu or flash. Much help would be appreciated I used to own a lego car a 99 civic now I moved on but miss the accessibility of...
  2. rattling noise from valvetrain?

    Problem Reports
    2001 GT 140,000 5 spd well im back here again from my first thread were i mentioned i had rattling noises. but this time i believe it escalated and now it almost sounds like i have aftermarket cams like there is a displaced rattle that goes up with rpms. i have no idea what it could be and it...
  3. Head project

    Eclipse Performance
    I am pulling my head off to install a stage one cam from on my sohc. i am looking into port and polish for it too... becuz it is a stage one cam all i have to do is bolt it into the car. Please give me some better advice, of what to replace or what else i can do to make this project...
  4. wtb: cam

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    i know that everyone is going to say its silly but i want to do it. i figured that i would do one thing at a time and in the long run have a stock engine on the side for an experiments or what ever. i want to see if anyone out there has a cam that they dont want. of course im not talking about a...
  5. Confused and frustrated!

    Problem Reports
    I have a 01 gt manual with cai and exhaust and 93k miles. I had just had the spark plugs, wires, timing belt, ecu, immobilizer, clutch, and shifting cables replaced. In the morning when it's cold, i'll let the car warm up for about 2 minutes then drive off to work. The rpm's start jumping and...