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  1. OEM Cam Specifications

    3G Eclipse GT/GTS Specific
    Below is the current and accurate data on the 6g72, 6g74, and 6g75 Non-MIVEC OEM Camshafts. 6g72 Camshafts (Galant & Eclipse GT Model) Intake Opens (BTDC) 15* Intake Closes (ABDC) 53* Exhaust Opens (BBDC) 53* Exhaust Closes (ATDC) 15* 248* Intake Valve Duration 248* Exhaust Valve Duration...
  2. FS: 6G72 / 6G74 cams - perfect for regrind

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    I bought these cams back in May 2010 from this thread. My intention was to get my brother to do a bit of a N/A build with his 2000 GT, and I was going to get these cams reground by Delta Cam. My brother elected not to go that far with the car, and sold it earlier this year, so these have just...
  3. FS!: HKS 272 cams,Delphi 1000cc Injectors,2 stock turbos/housings, Sard Boost Trigger

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    FS!: HKS 272 cams,Delphi 1000cc Injectors,2 Evo 8 turbos/housings, Sard Boost Trigger Here are some parts that I have for sell. Im open to any offers.I would be willing to trade the cams for newer GSC S2's or shoot me an offer if you have some other cams that you are willing trade just let me...
  4. Thought/Question on cams

    In the past, I've toyed with the idea of going with an all out N/A build on my GT, but I've pretty much decided on going with the SDS eventually. Lately though I've been wondering, how do you think a stage 1 (or maybe stage 2) RPW N/A camshaft would work on an engine with the SDS? It may be a...
  5. RPW Cams

    Alright, well ive decided to get a set of cams for my car. I am looking into getting the RPW Stage 3 supercharger cams so i can be streetable. Im really worried about the black box being able to tune for this. I called ripp today and asked if the BB could tune the cams, and mark goes "who makes...
  6. Crane Camshaft Idea

    I was thinking about this alot lately. As I know there is only 1 company that currently makes any camshafts for a 6G72 Eclipse motor, which is RPW. I know that many people feel that w/o cams adding more boost does not produce significant HP gains in these engines. So if there was enough members...
  7. 3.0L 6G72 aftermarket cams

    Anyone have them? What gains have you seen? What setup are they on?